Saturday, February 16, 2013

That's a start

Orbitup from Subject To Change

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crankyjohn said...

I would like to post the first ad in your patriot tradng post. I am currently in pre production of a musical and in need of investors and talent. The title..

Fuck Obama: The musical.

I have contacted Danny Glover and asked if he would be interested in the role of either Barack OR Michelle. I think he could pull off either one. I have contacted Sean Penn and asked if he would be interested in playing David Axelrod Or John McCain, his publicist said that he is currently on vacation with Presidente Castro and can not be reached for comment at the moment.

When you say, FUCK OBAMA, you will do it with a song in your heart.
Please support this patriotic endeavor with your time, talent, and most of all, your cold hard cash. Thank you.