Saturday, February 09, 2013

Trust? Naw.....

HERE'S A CHOICE STORY,  at the price of an insult to the Marines.

What?  Doesn’t he trust the men he commands? Did he also disarm his Secret Service Posse?
How unlike the 19th century King of Montenegro who used to walk without bodyguards  among his heavily armed subjects, telling foreign ambassadors that “every one of my subjects is my bodyguard”.  How like the 20th century German Leader who disarmed and searched even his field marshals before allowing them into his presence.
- Rurik


Fuck Rurik, I don't blame him. As big an asshole as he is and a traitor to boot, I wouldn't trust anybody around me with a loaded gun either if I was him.
He can validate the SS though, there's only a few of them. Besides, wasn't his old lady banging one of them?

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