Saturday, February 09, 2013

LEO: Think about this.

I'm not going to get into why he did what he did or his politics, I'm only going to make a simple observation:
In the Los Angeles area where you hear nothing but whining and bitching from chiefs of police and sheriffs about not having enough manpower due to budget cuts to effectively police the streets, they've assigned details to protect 40 of their own that were on ONE man's manifesto, leaving law abiding citizens on their own.

Now think about when they start raiding houses to confiscate soon-to-be illegal firearms in New York and possibly California and citizens realize they've had enough and take the fight to them.
Yeah. Those motherfuckers are going to be too worried about covering their own asses and families to worry about Joe Citizen that's never been in trouble in his life owning an AR.
To Law Enforcement everywhere: You're going to run out of you before we run out of us. Not a threat, just a simple observation.


  1. The odds in my area are astounding. They are also known for running when the shit comes down. The local LEO's around here are mostly druggies anyway.

  2. Folks wont have much choiice if they keep lighting up the citizenry .....

  3. Should such a 'shit just got real' type situation such as you posit come to pass, I suspect you'd suddenly see a mass of personal ads taken out in the local paper (without any external prompting) publicly announcing individual resignations from their respective police forces.

    I'm sure folks on their side read "Unintended Consequences" too!

  4. It is somewhat ironic that many of 'them' will try to follow orders to disarm citizens when they can't protect themselves from one man, and they are armed to the teeth. Also it is well known, from film on the news like Waco and others, when 'they' show up in force and put on their show all it takes is one or two of 'them' to get hit and the rest cower and engage each other in group hugs with lots of crying. I would guess that the ones who intend to follow unconstitutional orders better buy a lot of handkerchiefs, their going to need them. Just my observation.

  5. They're having a hard time finding the manpower to confiscate the 40,000 (or that's what my local news said) firearms from Commiefornia felons and mentally fucked up people that aren't permitted to have firearms. How in the hell do they expect to find the forces to try and violate the rest of us?

  6. Wirecutter, check the 'Rottie. I gave you a shoutout. Light

  7. John Jay has the same thoughts most of us do.


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