Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Zoomie said I needed to quit posting titties


idahobob said...



Walter Zoomie said...

I meant only until the new place was up.

You're gonna cause me to lose both my fans.


Post away, ya dirty old bastard.

Bootmaker said...

But i am still and always will be a titty man.
Put some thick nipples on those butt-cheeks tho, and the freak in me could be ...'swayed' ?

Father Confessor said...

I agree with zoommie. Yes. Yes, zoomie has a good point (and I do too).

Paul C said...

Why would he request that?

hiswiserangel said...

Zoomie, get off of wirecutter's ass about the titties. There is a reason it's T AND A. If it was just A, it would be unbalanced.

WC, continue on with your titties and stop whining on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Interestig to see you're getting a little behind in your posting.

Jason said...

Shame on you Zoomie!!

shame, shame