Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A rough day here in central California

Here's me and WiscoDave's email conversation this morning. He was sniveling because it was a little cool in the Great White North until he heard about our severe winter weather here in California.

Our barnyard this AM - I already had cleared with the tractor. This is since I left - wife is stuck at home today...
Actually didn't snow that much - blowing like a WH intern though!


Holy shit. It was 70 degrees here day before yesterday and dropped to 65 yesterday, supposed to rain today. So yeah, we're suffering here too.


Hang in there! I'll put your struggles in my prayers!!


Man, you don't know how much I appreciate that. Might even have to turn the furnace back on if the temps keep plunging.
Winds are starting to blow hard now. Gusts up to 4-5 miles an hour. Damn, and I packed all my winter clothes back up last month.


Damnit man, get to shelter right the fuck now! I'm serious!!!
Steady 25-35mph with gusts well over 40. Shit, I can lean into that without falling over; you on the other hand have to be real careful you don't fall over leaning into the gale you have!
I'm not Catholic but I'll light a candle for you just in case.


I'm breaking out the prep foods right now. We're expecting a half inch of rain according to the stormwatch on TV, so I may have to get my float tubes out so we can get to safety.
Thanks for the candle - we can't afford to waste candles with a storm as severe as this and may have to heat our rations with both of ours. 


God be with all of you! I hope I can sleep through the worry.....


MissK said...

You guys are Awesome!!! Thanks for the laughs :D

Dennis in Iowa said...

Maybe the weather channel will name the storm Gorilla Monsoon.

Bootmaker said...

Gorilla Monsoon...
he's on the WRESTLING channel, not weather channel.

angrymike said...

Thanks, thanks a lot, I hope your shoe didn't get wet.............:-p