Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gotta be California (again)

and again


MissK said...

You're so lucky Wirecutter, to be surrounded by all those lovely colorful people, and let me just add.... Ewwwwww

And I'm snatching pic#2... for some possible evil down the road ;-)

Blue Stain said...

"All men created equal"

Yeah... I don't fuckin' THINK so!

steve tompkins said...

heh. peter pan. funny.

Anonymous said...

My best guess is pic #2 is vintage Bourbon St. in N.O., LA. Either during Mardi Gras or St. Patty's Day.


Tom Stockton said...

"Peter Pan" was what we called the catcher's cup in Little League baseball. It still gets me every time I hear someone say "Peter Pan"!