Monday, March 25, 2013

Heh. New holster.

Just got mine today (thanks, Joe!) and it's everything they claim it to be.
I do have to wear my pants a waist size larger to do all the shifting they show in the video, but the fucker is extremely concealable even without going 'deep cover'. If you don't like a barrel pointing towards your nuts, you can wear it on your side or middle of your back.
I can bend, sit and squat with no problem with my Colt Officer's Model, and I don't have to worry about the damned thing popping out when I bend over to pick something up off the floor.


hiswiserangel said...

I'm sorry, "deep carry" and "pointed towards your nuts"...what were you saying?

Looks amazingly comfortable.

Sara said...

Sounds to me like I don't want to know where he's hiding it! LOL!
Naw, seriously.. I look at that and automatically just think it would make me look bloated..

Siddhartha said...

I have been carrying in a similar rig for 14 years now. I crawl under machinery, ontop of machinery, kneel and all of the things that chicks do in tampon commercials. Even with a slight beer gut I find it comfortable. I also have an elastic belt for my pants. Makes getting into my carharts easier. I carry a snubby revolver so I keep my reloads in my front pocket and I carry a flashlight in the other pouch of the holster. One guy almost broke his hand when he tried to punch me in the balls. I am curious about this holster, I like the grip this one has more.

wirecutter said...

I've been wearing it for a couple days now - nothing strenuous but normal day to day activities and it's comfortable enough. I have no problem driving with it without readjusting and it is easy as hell to draw even with it tight against me.
The only thing I've found is I can't wear a belt with it - the gun doesn't print but the fucking buckle damned sure does, drawing attention. Not that big a deal, with that gun shoved down my pants I don't need a belt. I normal carry my pocket knife in my pocket and a larger knife clipped to my right pocket so the only thing I'm missing is a multi-tool I normally wear on my belt.
All in all, I'll give it an A grade.