Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thank you

You taught me to say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning in school.
You taught me the story of our Nation.
You told me about the symbolism of our Flag.
You taught me US History.
You taught me US Government.
You gave me an Oath to take.
You had me face the flag and salute every night at Retreat.
You taught me honor and love of Country.
For that I thank you
but now you blame me for what I am.

I'll say that I'm proud as hell to be a Patriot but at the same time I'm sorry I have to be a III Percenter. I shouldn't have to be in that position but you put me there. Now live with it.


Anonymous said...


Sarthurk said...

Those that taught you are not the ones who are "running"(ruining) the country now.


Roswell said...

Roger that!
GOD, County, self worth and the ability to think for ourselves were taught us, we took these lessons to heart, and are now demonized for it! A Constitutional Patriot is what I am, if that now makes me an "enemy of the state", so be it...

Kang said...


m_reichert58 said...

It's a different country now.
But what you wrote fits me perfectly. Thanks wirecutter.
Papa Mike

Anonymous said...

Me too.
And sod them who objects!