Saturday, April 06, 2013

80% AR Lower Receivers -

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I am pleased to announce a new business venture for affordable 80% AR lowers. These high quality lowers are being produced by III Percent Patriots whom I have met and trust with my life.
I have seen, handled and inspected one myself and can personally attest to the workmanship of this product.
With the scarcity of parts due to panic buying, the timing of this venture couldn't be better.

From their website, I'd like to present Model S:

The Model S is a premium R7075-T6 billet, 3D formed with progressive forging process, followed by 4-Axis CNC machiningwith a fully broached magazine well. This model follows the “standard” mil-spec shape with a strengthened buffer tube.

The Model X is a premium R7075-T6 billet, with radial compression, followed by a more extensive 4-Axis CNC machining with a fully broached magazine well. This is modernized shape with an industrial feel and a strengthened buffer tube.

For more information regarding production, pricing, instructions on how to complete your lower, the team involved and how to contact them, please visit their website at

I will be posting videos from them as they come available. Also, links will be posted on my sidebar for future reference.


rgranger said...

Can you 'splain all that techno stuff to me in English - we are still in freaking America :)
Seriously though, wtf was he saying about radial compressing and all that stuff?
I like! I may even have some old do-dads that fill out the trigger from an old kit. I bought 5 lowers from POF a long time ago, after the 2nd VTech shooting. they are nice!! but it would be nice to have one without a SN on it!

wirecutter said...

Damned if I know, Ranger. There's a link on their site to contact them and I know they will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
They also have a CNC code that will allow you to complete the lower.

Bustednuckles said...

That CNC code is a huge freebie if you have access to a CNC machine.

Trying to drill something like that out and then finishing it to spec with hand/air tools would be a long, labor intensive process fraught with unlimited opportunities to fuck it up irrepairably.

There are pinned jigs you can buy that help immeasurably for it I see though.

I am seriously thinking about getting one of these lowers.