Tuesday, April 09, 2013


I heard at work today (still haven't had time to read the news yet) about some wild-ass motherfucker in Houston cutting up 14 people on a campus. I couldn't believe it.
FOURTEEN people. Not one or two or three people, but FOURTEEN people.
I can understand him getting the jump on a couple of people, but FOURTEEN fucking sheep? 14???
Then when I saw his picture when he was arrested, he hadn't even been beaten. What in the hell is wrong with these people? How come nobody hit him with a stick, or swung their backpack or clocked him in the head with a chair or garbage can? Or what about them big-ass belt buckles that Texans are so fond of?

Motherfucker cuts me with a knife, I don't care if it's Xacto or a penknife, I am going to beat your ass. You are going to bleed at least as much as I am, if I don't have a knife I'll beat it out of you. It doesn't make a bit of difference how badly cut I am, either. Even if it's just a nick, that's still a big no-no. You cut me bad enough to make me bleed out though, I'm going to figure that I have nothing to lose by killing you.
Yet none of those kids had that attitude. They think if they see a little blood they are going to die. It's all about mindset, baby. Do yourself a favor - go read John Plaster's book 'SOG' - it's full of stories of men, real fucking men, that were shot up multiple times and still managed to fight and survive. An example of a different kind: my little brother had just gotten out of the Army. He was Airborne, Tabbed Ranger, all kinds of high speed shit, but anyways he had just gotten out. He was over at a friend's property trimming some trees when the chainsaw hit his thigh somehow near the end of the day. He cussed, bandaged up the wound, finished the tree then drove himself to the hospital for a shitload of stitches. What he was bitching about the most when we got to the hospital was the fact that he had ruined a brand new pair of Levis. Mindset.
Yet 14 kids all gave up today. Fourteen people today became victims because of the first couple didn't have the courage to do anything to prevent others from being hurt.
So that covers my opinion on them that got cut. What about those that didn't, yet didn't do anything about it?
Fucking pussies. You see shit like that, you put an end to it. I could not live with myself if I witnessed something like that, was in a position to stop it but didn't. Other people suffered because of their inactions. And calling 911 as you run away doesn't count as 'doing something'.


I finally got a chance to read the news and there actually were some people with balls:

Student Steven Maida said, "I didn't see him hit anybody, I just saw girl walk out with hole in her cheek. One girl had a hole in her neck, and this other guy had cuts on the back of the neck, and the other guy had a slice on the neck."
Without hesitation, Maida and several other students ran after the suspect.

They still should've beat the fuck out of him.


sobriant74 said...

Gotta tell you I would have done something. Pulled off a belt and started swinging or hit him with a chair, something. How did he stab 14 people before folks pulled him down?

unclescott said...

How did they find anything worth arresting....can't believe the difference between this generation and ours.....

Wraith said...

On the plus side, these are perfect representatives of the type of folks who think they're going to come out on top after the upcoming conflict.


Leigh said...

Must of been a Fully-Semi-Automatic Assault Knife with a High Capacity sheath.....and a black, shroud thingy.
I wonder what they'll blame this on.
Surely; it couldn't have been the poor soul, who was possessed by the demon razor-edged purveyor of death.

Getting so I HATE people more every day.


Cheesy said...

College kids nowadays walk around blissfully unaware of their surroundings with their faces glued to their iphone. That's how.
Anti-knife legislation in 3..2..1...

Ogrrre said...

Fourteen people! We need to ban assault knives! Right now! We must do something!
You know, that sounds as stupid as the lefties wanting to ban firearms. On the other hand, one person with a firearm could have stopped this a LOT sooner.

Adam Selene said...

Kids are taught to be passive victims. The news said that the school would provide "counselors". It should be providing self-defense classes, but that is not going to happen.

Edward Teach said...

Gun beats knife...and they want to take ours away.

hiswiserangel said...

Dear God in Heaven, he's a ginger. That's enough to drive a man batshit crazy.

I would say probaby 30 years and younger have been indoctrinated into a coma. We need to take our kids back NOW. They don't belong to the state, they belong to US.

Dave said...

Obummer to regulate knife sales and implement background checks in 3-2-1.

Stinkwilly said...

It's the classic example of the kids nowadays. They have been brainwashed to run away instead of wading into that motherfucker and post haste, handing him his ass. They should have wedged it between his cheeks whether it be on his face or ass makes no difference, but I bet that little bastard would be having bad dreams even if he looked at a knife ever again.If someone would have hot the prick, the college would prosecute them for carrying on campus knowing these hand wringing college administrative fucks.

sig94 said...

It's our culture that's to blame. I fought my way through school, had fist fights a couple a times a week. On the playground, at the bus stop. But the cops were never called and my dad handled it. Today, the school authorities go ape over the slightest BS infraction. Counselors are contacted and everyone has to get in touch with their feelings.

As early as the 3rd grade I saw any number of kids get the ever lovin' crap beat out of them by teachers in the 50's and early 60's.

In high school, you never saw the troublemakers again, they were out on their asses and the US Army grabbed them.

So many kids are pansies today. In the police Academy they have to give boxing lessons because none of the rookies have ever been punched. Come on....

Pascals P. said...

Human nature suck, the more you have people around, the more people think other people gonna do something. and you end up with shit like that.