Tuesday, April 09, 2013



It starts and ends with our rights, those that are fighting to take them, and those who are fighting to preserve the legal acknowledgment of them.  We have chosen to use business and economics as one of the ways to resist.  It is what we know, it is what seems appropriate at this time and place.  Our company is motivated to work against the progressive agenda that is focused on restricting our freedom and rights, here and now.   

“ order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best ensure the beneficent ends of its institution.”- Preamble to the Bill of Rights

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.- Amendment 2

Realize first, that more Arms in the hands of the people, even if not actively used to secure a free state, passively offer the security to a free State.  

We are in a cold war.  Our very own Cultural Cold War is not being won. We had the home field advantage, our way of life is under attack and is only being realized by enough of the masses to maybe hit a tipping point.   

We have always been in a conflict of ideals in this country.  It even continued in domestic politics after we became a nation.  Thats ok, we have the freedom to believe what we want, which includes opposing viewpoints.  However it was usually opposing views from similar world views. The collective world view of Communism and Socialism has been on the offensive for so long in this country, and we have lost so much ground. It is to the point that many wonder if reestablishment of the constitutional republic is even possible, let alone without a hot conflict. Our way of life became undermined by collectivists that recognized how to weaken and influence over time, and enough people let them that it has over time proved a sound strategy for them.  If it is not to late for us all to fight back.  We as a business are taking the fight of freedom erosion to the gun manufacturing world.  

Here is the over simplified pictorial of how a cold war goes.  All it takes is for one side to not counter fast enough for the opposition to gain ground.  Since it is now clear that regardless of how we express our views on gun control more than half of the politicians will support what they feel they can get away with.  In the past 10 years we allowed to much time to lapse between moves. But now that the push to control is continuing like never before, let me explain how together, manufacturers and consumers, we can work together to fight them in ways that they understand, through money.

Move 1- We support our local gun community and family gun culture, we embrace the right to bear arms, and support the gun & ammo manufacturing industry as consumers and advocates, building skills and burning ammo.

Counter 1- They don’t waste a crisis, blame the evil in the world on a inanimate object.  They simplify the cause they categorize the object (Arms) into a new demonized group.  Then provide the over simplified solution by making it seem like the problem will go away.

Move 2- We learn and study the laws and the mentality of our opponent.  We learn where in the rules, and definitions we have a angle.  We learn how they are describing the reality that they perceive it.  Then we change the object, characteristics, technology, or attributes that are locked into their poorly conceived rules.  the market then makes the solution known and available for the larger population.  

Counter 2- They blame business, manufactures, or other group of people who are perceived responsible for the change in the landscape.  They look for another crisis to blame on the demonized group of people associated with evil inanimate object.  

Move 1- We fight to develop stronger community of support and cultural identity that is resistant to the blame game through both strength and intelligence.  Build more skills and burn more ammo, prepare and maneuver.

Manufactures cannot do it on our own.  The consumer needs to act, as we see now voting with your wallet and hard earned resources is the way to get your point across.  The fight now is to defend your ability to own Arms that they consider evil because they are both modern, and military based.  Almost every log gun has been both modern and military based when the design was new.  Now they have their sights fixed on the AR15 more than anything else. If you own a AR15 here is how you can act to “insure” your gun.  If you don’t own one, here is a chance to own a AR15 that you can customize and build.  

Buy a 80% receiver! Enjoy the pride of ownership more than you would buying a gun off the rack.  Use it to hedge against the strong possibility that the AR15 you own will have its model name listed on a government ban list in the future.  We think it would be better to buy it from our company than any other source, yes we are biased.  But you will be to when you compare our product to others.   

We were the kids that drove teachers and authority figures nuts, we are still doing it to the government within our own company culture.  We try to find a way around the stupid rules to get a point across.  We value helping the cause as much as we ask for help. 

Many of our freedoms have been legislated away, scarcity and value go together.  We not only value the freedom, but are willing and able to show the futility of legislation trying to push a “progressive morality”.  You need to be concerned, and fight for the formation or maintenance of like minded community identity. 

Fight the labels with your words, do not use the terms that they use.  Stick to the common language that binds our culture together, there are no assault weapons, just Arms.  Keep actively fighting their labeling, there should be no separation between hunters and shooters because of what color the gun is.  There should not be distain for other gun owners in different states  that are being attacked more overtly.

Non compliance to unjust laws is one way of resisting.  They can’t make you do anything you don’t choose with a risk vs. reward equation.  Actively flaunting the flaws in their plans or laws is a way to resist also.  

We are throwing effort and significant resources into the active resistance.  Support your resistance and vote with your actions and wallets.  The best way to get under a politician’s skin is to show them they can’t control you.  

I want to hear the Country wide “slap” of Progressive Lawmakers collectively applying a face-palm When there are enough Arms they label as “Assault Weapons” in the hands of the public they will feel the impact of the move / counter cycle.  Let them know they have a fight on their hands.  

Learn about and support the innovation of companies that have brought you bullet buttons, “featureless” rifle grips,  80% lower receivers, home manufacture of guns, reloading, smuggling, whatever it takes. Keep the cold war risky in order to slow the onset of a hot war as long as possible.  Once time is up, it will never be the same again.


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