Friday, April 26, 2013

Historical photos

I've noticed through my sitemeter that I get visitors from towns that have a lot of history - Washington DC, Philadelphia, Abilene KS, Shiloh, Gettysburg, Lincoln NM, Vicksburg, Sharpsburg, etc.
I was wondering if y'all would be kind enough to send pictures, pictures that you won't find in a history book - for example, there's an old crib (house of prostitution) on the street below the Bucket of Blood Saloon in Virginia City, Nevada from it's heyday. It's the only one left standing, I've seen it myself. You can google the saloon and see fine pictures of it but not the crib.
If you know of a place that holds some historical significance, even if it's only to you, I'd like to see pictures of it, be it western history, RevWar history or Lincoln's War history, even cool old buildings and barns from your area's history - I don't care. Shit, even if it's just a fenceline with some old barbed wire on it or an old graveyard, send it on in. I don't necessarily want to post them (although I will if you ask me to), I just want to see them.
A note to my Philadelphia readers: I have never been there and I really would like to see your photos of Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, etc, anything to do with our Nation's birth.
Please though, I don't want professional or published photos - I want to see these things through your eyes.
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  1. I live 25 miles from either Gettysburg or Sharpsburg. Been to both battlefields many times. Lots of history in and near South Central PA
    BTW, Been to Virginia City and drank in the BoB saloon. Was a hoot.
    If you ever get to the east coast, and more precisely So. central Pa, you have a place to stay and tour guide.

  2. I would fucking love that, man. Thanks!
    Yeah, I've always made it a point to have a couple at the BoB when I was in town.


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