Sunday, April 21, 2013

More questions, no answers.

ChuckM sent in a comment on my post and I checked out the LINK HERE which brought up even more questions. Then I started reading the comments and saw the video below. It's worth watching.

The first minute the man is talking about youtube fucking with him. Start paying attention after the 1:00 mark. Check out what he has to say starting at the 2:00 minute mark about the boat where the kid was hiding being riddled with bullets and the suspect being in serious condition, yet the kid climbs out of the boat under his own power. Then listen to what he says about the backpack at about the 2:45 and then again at the 4:20 mark.

Also, in the same comment stream in my post, Danne says this: The glaring omission in all this is WHERE THE HELL WERE THE BOMB DOGS???? Do you think for one instant that a crude device like a pressure cooker loaded with black powder would have got by dogs??? There are some articles that allude to dogs being around but by the descriptions I'm guessing they were just police dogs. We have ops personnel standing around everywhere and people on alert like something was suspected yet no-one called in bomb dogs?! Anyone walking thru a crowd with a pack full of black powder in a cooker would have had the bomb dogs going beserk from a block away! WTF?????

Keep questioning. Don't believe everything you're told.


  1. Ken,

    That picture was reported to be taken from a security camera on a nearby house, of the thug climbing INTO THE BOAT.
    It was found by the owner of the camera *after* the thug was apprehended.


  2. Thank for the information on that, Kelly. I appreciate it.

  3. I noticed the tag on the back pack when I first saw the photos posted last week and said the same thing to my wife. I believe this is a false flag as well. People are waking up and shining light on the truth.

  4. Ken
    False flag, doubtful, this makes the administration look bad, even to the party loyalists, no way a false flag, unless it was for a test of marshal law............

  5. Doubt if the dogs would smell anything if the explosives and nails and such were inside the sealed pressure cooler.

    More or less airtight you know.

    Not that hard for the dogs to miss it. Especially in the open air.


  6. Nope- I've worked with drug dogs and they are that good!

  7. in re Kelly's comment: Who is reporting that the pic is before the capture? Just look at the boat cover.

    Black and White


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