Wednesday, April 17, 2013

TL speaks

"The DHS has no authority whatsoever. It is unConstitutional in every aspect. It interferes with proper elected officials and comes into cities and towns, but it has no jurisidiction except that we allow it to happen. It is a fait acompli because we allowed it. Now it is the primary enemy to liberty.

If you want to know the target of your oppression, the flag-bearer of your lost liberty, it is with the DHS. From the TSA to the tracking of individuals to drones, you will find the DHS. They are, in effect, the Gestapo. If you want to see German totalitarian tactics you need to look no further."

Read the rest of it HERE. PLEASE.

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  1. When you keep turning your backs to everthing, pretty soon those things will run over you. then you start bitching. "how did this happen?"
    But with a congress that believes in insider trading, we are lost.
    So now we wait for someone to clean this crap up......NO YOU CLEAN IT UP!!!
    Papa Mike


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