Sunday, May 12, 2013

What is wrong with our Nation today summed up in a minute and a half


Bustednuckles said...

Got it all figured out.
Until the card stops working.

Doesn't have the first clue of how to take care of herself or her damn crotch fruit on her own.

The real problem here is that this shit is generational.

They don't learn a damn thing in school but they learn how to game the benefits system like a pro.

Lazy, worthless, motherfuckers.

To think I was a Liberal for all those years.
Stupidity on my part.

Robert Fowler said...


michigan doug said...

crotch fruit? thats fuckin awesome. i hope i've got enough ammo.

Anonymous said...

If you have no job, you have time to take care of your children and to make home cooked meals for them. If you go to restaurants then your benefits should be reduced.


MissK said...

FUCK!!! My jaw dropped at the end... what an ignorant self centered bitch!!

Glenn B said...

Fuck them and any politician who votes in favor of continued welfare. Make em work and if they do not work send them to a welfare island to live on bread, cheese, peanut butter and water.

Glenn B said...

I am stealing that one, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, like Bustedknuckles said, when TSHTF, millions just like this bitch will be gone in the first wave. No EBTs babe, no Subways to carry your skankin' ass.