Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson - Warriors of Honor - Pt.1


  1. I admire Stonewall Jackson for his military abilities. We visited his house in Virginia and to me it was a thrill. Does that make me a racist? The answer is a resounding no although there are people that would say that it does. And therein lies part of the problem in this country right now.

    1. You're goddamned right you're a racist! And the more you claim that BLM is itself racist, the more racist you are! Black racism is non-existent, we all know that! Except for all the black racism. The riots will do absolutely nothing to help residual racism against blacks (yes, residual, it's lower than it has been for a couple of generations except among a minority of real assholes who are not one whit better than those they despise for dumbassed reasons).

    2. Umm, that's 110% sarcasm, for those who are defici

  2. I lived on or beside a couple battle fields in Va. My last home I was about ten miles from Appomattox Court House. I'd ride out there on my bike on occasion early morn just as they were opening. My Harley banging away in third gear on secondary roads. It a pretty moving experience I tell ya no matter how many times you go. They have the room the treaty was signed exactly as it was. Wax figures life size of all those present. Ya kind of walk up and look over a dutch door. The first time I walked up to that door an looked in i through, This is where the killing stopped. I got feeling all weird inside a tear er two trickled from my eye.

  3. Their faith is inspiring.
    -tallow pot

  4. In a couple more weeks all the history of Lee and Jackson will have been erased.

    But we'll be expected to honor and cherish the memory of the Chocolate Jesus for 200 years.

  5. Thanks Ken for posting that jewel; although I've read a great deal on the American Civil War, it's always a treat to see a production so well made and accurate.
    It saddens me that in a few short years these American giants (in character and spirit) will be gone forever. Generations will lose the ability to learn how great some of our forefathers were and their enormous sacrifices.



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