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Marines now guarding muslim sex slaves

New Hampshire Food Bank Seeking Meat Donations From Hunters

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — The New Hampshire Food Bank is asking hunters to share their fall harvest with the needy through the "Hunt for the Hungry'' program.
The food bank is collecting donations of whole or processed game animals for distribution to more than 400 food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters and group shelters statewide.
Last year, the program took in nearly 2,200 pounds of donated deer, bear, moose and other game meat for distribution to the needy.
Bruce Wilson, director of operations for the food bank, says donations of protein foods are always had to come by.
To donate game and for packaging instructions call the food bank at 669-9725, extension 240.


I'm sure you can find similar programs online in your own states if you have an excess of game or if you're in need of meat.

And my ego takes another asskicking

Lisa is looking into my eyes after a passionate moment and tells me "You have very old eyes."
Still going with the romance thing and sweet nothings, I asked "Wisdom? Experience? What?"
"Naw, wrinkles and lines and shit. Old, you know?"

Sounds reasonable to me

In a blog postcelebrating the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, Rachel Decter Abrams, a board member of the Emergency Committee on Israel, advocates for the extermination of Palestinians, including children. Abrams is married to former Assistant Secretary of State Elliot Abrams, and is the half-sister of Commentary editor John Podhoretz and step-daughter of Norman Podhoretz, founder of the neoconservative movement.
He's free and he's home in the bosom of his family and his country.
Celebrate, Israel, with all the joyous gratitude that fills your hearts, as we all do along with you.
Then round up his captors, the slaughtering, death-worshiping, innocent-butchering, child-sacrificing savages who dip their hands in blood and use women-those who aren't strapping bombs to their own devils' spawn and sending them out to meet their seventy-two virgins by taking the lives of the school-bus-riding, heart-drawing, Transformer-doodling, homework-losing children of Others-and their offspring-those who haven't already been pimped out by their mothers to the murder god-as shields, hiding behind their burkas and cradles like the unmanned animals they are, and throw them not into your prisons, where they can bide until they're traded by the thousands for another child of Israel, but into the sea, to float there, food for sharks, stargazers, and whatever other oceanic carnivores God has put there for the purpose.
- Political Correction

Sent in by Stretch


SUBLIMITY, Ore. (AP) — A California member of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves was shot and killed in Oregon after authorities say a hunter mistook him for a bear.
Christopher Ochoa, a 20-year-old from French Camp, Calif., and a friend were hiking through a field in Western Oregon on the way to Silver Creek Falls Park on Friday evening.
Ochoa was wearing dark-colored clothing when an Oregon man hunting for bear with his 12-year-old grandson saw something moving in the brush and fired one shot from a .270-caliber rifle, striking Ochoa, the Marion County Sheriff's Office said.
Blah blah blah.......


I quit hunting during rifle season years ago. I am not anti-hunter by any means; anti-dumbass is probably closer to the mark.
Funny thing is, I was not hunting when I made up my mind to stay the fuck out of the woods during hunting season, I was fishing. I was standing on a boulder in the middle of the north fork of the Stanislaus when a bullet cracked over the top of my head. Seeing as I was below the level of the bank, it wasn't an errant shot. I mean, it might've come from upstream or down but it wasn't shot over or through a deer, somebody shot that motherfucker at me thinking I was a deer. Let me say right now that mistaking me for a deer is a poor excuse, though. I am not nearly as slender as these scrawny blacktails here, nor could I even remotely be considered graceful. So some dumbass saw movement and shot. At me. On purpose.
If I could've found him........
But I made up my mind then that I could lay off the mountains during the early fall.

It's my contention that 90% of California hunters are fucking dangerous to me.
You've got the new guys that are just starting out - they've taken the state mandated hunter safety class, they've got a brand new (possibly borrowed) rifle that they went and zeroed using an entire box of rounds, and they're outfitted with the latest cool looking gear. Hopefully, they've hooked up with a buddy that knows what the hell he's doing, is patient, and sober at the moment.
Okay. New Guy is eager and just knows he's going to have deer running all over the place just like up in Yosemite Nat'l Park, in fact he'll have to run all the pesky little ones off to get a clear shot at the real trophies. But because he's new to this, he's real careful not to fuck up too badly. He (finally!!!) sees a deer and he checks to a) make sure it really is a deer and b) see if it's a legal buck.
He's aware that there are other hunters in the woods as well as other animals and it's been drilled into him that if he accidentially shoots a doe, he'll either go to jail for life or even worse, have to get a blow job from Nancy Pelosi. No way in hell does he want to fuck this up, he's going to make sure of what he's shooting at before he raises his suddenly shaking rifle up to shoot.
And here's where the problem is: Lack of experience with the rifle. He's probably shot the box that he used to zero it with and that's it. 20 rounds and every one of them motherfuckers shot from the bench. I don't think many deer are killed from a rest up in the mountains. New Guy doesn't know any better because nobody taught him any better. That's a lick on the guy that's teaching him to hunt.
New Guy raises his rifle, shoots in the general direction and is surprised when even the more surprised deer hauls ass unwounded. He spends a few minutes looking for blood while waiting for his huffing and puffing mentor to arrive.
In the meantime, another hunter is in the brush 150 yards away, shot and unconscious.

So called experienced hunters aren't much better. So what if they've been hunting for the past 30 years. For most California hunters, that means they've spent about 30 weekends or 60 days out of their entire life hunting. That is NOT experienced. These are the guys that I really avoid - they think they got this shit down but in reality, they know just enough to be dangerous, especially to others.
These are the guys zeroed their rifle last time they scoped it. If the last time he put a scope on it was 30 years ago when he was a New Guy, then that was the last time he zeroed. If he's shooting iron sights then they've probably never been adjusted.
Now this guy knows deer aren't going to come up to him grazing, and he has spent some time in the woods and knows to watch for movement and pieces of animals in the brush (antlers, legs, etc) instead of the whole critter.
So he sees movement and his bloodshot hungover eyeballs focus on an antler moving through a hole in some brush. He hasn't killed a deer in years and now's his big chance. He figures where the chest would be, aims and shoots. And kills some poor motherfucker wearing RealTree - it was a branch on his camo, not a fucking antler.

No, I'm not being dramatic. Okay, maybe a little bit.
I know it's not that way in most of the US, but you gotta remember we're talking about California hunters here and most of the ones I'm talking about are from the Coast.

It's not that hard to get to the mountains from the Bay Area or LA or Wherever On The Coast you're from. Give up a couple of rounds of golf or whatever and go to the mountains instead. Call it pre-season scouting if you want.
Take up camera hunting and improve your stalking skills.
Start fishing the mountain streams. You'd be surprised at what you can see while fishing.
Join a Gun Club and use it.
Take up other shooting sports like trap or skeet. It'll improve your responses and shooting skills damned quick.
Start hunting other game like waterfowl, turkey, pheasant and dove during the off season.  There's more game reserves around where you can hunt for a small fee than you think.
Wander around the mountains on day hikes. Take a rifle with you and get used to it.
But do whatever you gotta do to get some experience. You'll find you learn quicker when you're out in the off season because you're concentrating on learning, not the outcome.
Plus it'll keep you from accidentally killing someone.

Bankers' wife abandons family for OWS

A married mother of four from Florida ditched her family to become part of the raggedy mob in Zuccotti Park — keeping the park clean by day and keeping herself warm at night with the help of a young waiter from Brooklyn.
“I’m not planning on going home,” an unapologetic Stacey Hessler, 38, told The Post yesterday.
“I have no idea what the future holds, but I’m here indefinitely. Forever,” said Hessler, whose home in DeLand sits 911 miles from the tarp she’s been sleeping under.
Hessler — who ironically is married to a banker — arrived 12 days ago and planned to stay for a week, but changed her plans after cozying up to some like-minded radicals, including Rami Shamir, 30, a waiter at a French bistro in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn…
…The unemployed Long Island native compared her decision to abandon her family to Americans serving in the armed forces.
“Military people leave their families all the time, so why should I feel bad?” a defiant Hessler said. “I’m fighting for a better world.”
Hessler has spoken with her family — husband Curtiss, 42; son Peyton, 17; and daughters Kennedy 15, Sullivan, 13, and Veda, 7 — just three times since leaving them. “Friends are taking care of them,” she said.


You should feel bad because it's YOUR fucking duty "soldier", to take care of your family. You have a SEVEN year old daughter, lady. She needs her mother, not a "community of friends" to see to her emotional needs.
You obviously have a very understanding husband because if you were my old lady and you pulled this shit, you'd find yourself divorced on the grounds of family abandonment without a fucking dime.
 You want to live that way? Fine, do it full time.
Fucking hippies, I swear......

Now we know why dogs are mans' best friend

Fuck with me........

Click to enlarge, then make an appointment at the eye doctors.

Friday, October 21, 2011


- Lisa

CharlieGodammits' new ride

Came across an opportunity a while back to buy an 87 Bronco for a song. It needed some work so I had it towed home and for little more than a couple of used tires for the front, a brand new monster battery and a new fuel pump, that motherfucker is ready for the road.
Lisa needed a ride and we got this to fill in til she could get herself something a little more suitable. But it runs great and my favorite thing about it? You can't help but get that "Fuck Obama, I Get 12 Miles To The Gallon" feeling when you're driving it. Maybe I should have a bumper sticker made.....
I had it smogged today (I know, I was surprised too when it passed) and have an appointment Monday to register it.
The biggest problem was the fuel pump, it's electrical and frame mounted and the brackets were all rusted to the frame, so that took some time.
Next on the list is a decent set of shoes and a cheapo paint job.

What I really really really like about it is that when Lisa does get another vehicle, this is going to be my hunting/fishing/fucking off truck, heh heh heh........

Bacon. Mmmmm, bacon.....

- Phil

Fuck, they'd better be delivered because they'd never make it home otherwise.

Not something I should advertise but I'll tell a reporter

WASHINGTON — Got problems? Tell Barack Obama. He can help. He might even give you money.
On more than one occasion, the president has cut personal checks to struggling Americans who’ve written to the White House, according to an excerpt from a new book by Washington Post reporter Eli Saslow about the ten letters the president reads every day.
“It’s not something I should advertise, but it has happened,” the president told Saslow.

How many times has President Obama intervened on someone’s behalf, and with what kind of problems does he help? Mortgage payments? Medical bills? And when he wants to help someone out with a personal check, how does it work? Does he send a check signed “Barack Obama” directly to the individual in need, or does he send the money to a bank or company on the person’s behalf? Do people even know when Obama has helped them out, or does the help arrive anonymously through a lawyer?

Fuck You Obama, Janet, and the DHS too!!!!!

(CNS News) — Chris Crane, president of a union that represents Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, testified in the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration last week that ICE agents have been told by ICE headquarters not to arrest illegal aliens who do not have a prior criminal conviction even if they are fugitives who have been ordered deported by an immigration judge or are individuals who have illegally re-entered the United States after being deported and thus have perpetrated a felony.
“Aliens who could not be arrested included but were not limited to ICE fugitives that had been ordered deported by a federal immigration judge as well as aliens who had illegally re-entered the United States after deportation, a federal felony,” Crane, who is also an active-duty ICE agent, told the committee on Oct. 12.
“ICE officers and agents also alleged that they were not permitted to arrest or even speak to confirmed or suspected illegal aliens encountered in the field during operations and were prohibited from running standard criminal record checks for wants and warrants,” Crane testified.

Awww, Mooch-elle will let us have Halloween!!!

(The Stir) — Forget the cost of candy and the spooky costumes. The scariest part of Halloween for Mom comes at the end of the night, when that heaping helping of sugar is dumped on the living room floor and the kids dive in. Who better to help you handle the holiday without being a candy-skipping grinch than First Lady Michelle Obama?
She is, after all, the mom behind the national childhood obesity-fighting initiative Let’s Move. We’ve seen her hula hooping on the White House lawn to make exercise fun. So here at The Stir, we wanted to know what the president’s wife thinks of the sugar-fueled frenzy that is October 31. What she told our very own Tracy Odell during a session at the White House might surprise you.
Sasha and Malia Obama get their candy fix on Halloween just like the rest of the kids in America! And our First Lady thinks that’s the way it ought to be:
"Our philosophy is if you live right every day — and I shouldn’t say “right,” but if you make good choices every day — I tell this to my girls all the time — that when it’s time for the holidays and the fun stuff and the birthday party, that you don’t have to worry about it because you’re doing what you’re supposed to do every single day. So we really talk about daily choices that they’re making, and balance. Right? Because I don’t want them to have to worry about how much candy they eat on Halloween."


Asshole Baby - Blog of the Day

Hey, y'all want to read some funny shit, go over to Asshole Baby and check out what Phil has to say about being a new father. It's fucking hilarious.
Somehow D, you come to mind when I read this shit........

Here's a sample:
I just did some quick math, and by my estimates, I have taken 15,056.25 shits in my lifetime (Don't even act like you don't know where the .25 came from).
Anyways, out of that enormous number, I can not think of one time where I managed to shit inside my own belly button. So imagine my thoughts when I saw this spectacle yesterday. It is almost physically impossible to shit inside your own bellybutton, but she managed to do it in, ill guess shit number 41. Asshole thing to do in my opinion. This isn't 'Nam. There are rules.

He's only been going since 11 October and has just a couple of pages up but I already put him on my blogroll and signed on as a follower.
Check it out at

Did you expect any different from hippies?

(NY Post) — Livid lower Manhattan residents went off on Zuccotti Park protesters at a heated Community Board 1 meeting last night and blasted politicians for not controlling the chaos.
“They’re defecating on our doorsteps,” fumed board member Catherine Hughes, a stay-at-home mom who lives one block from the protest. “The cowbells start at 4 a.m. and the drumming goes past 10 a.m. A lot of people are very frustrated. A lot of people are concerned about the safety of our kids.”
Fed-up homeowners said they’ve been insulted and harassed as they trek to their jobs each morning. “The protesters taunt people who are on their way to work,” said James Fernandez, 51.
The meeting, packed with more than 200 people, spilled out onto the street, where Zuccotti sympathizers began sparring with their critics.
Board member Paul Cantor said sleepless residents can’t take the incessant racket. “If people can’t sleep. . . then that’s a problem,” he said.
Despite the complaints, the board unanimously voted for a resolution supporting the protesters’ right to stay in the park but called for a crackdown on noise, public urination and defecation, and disruptive barricades.

Fashion tips from Mooch-elle

The Stir’s Tracy Odell spent an afternoon at the White House with Michelle Obama and discussed everything from raising tween girls to staying balanced to changing the world. They also talked about beauty and style and how the First Lady, as a busy mom, finds time to always look her best.
Mrs. Obama is a real style icon, but the very real and practical strategies she uses to look good as First Lady are the same tips all moms can use. She has the same insecurities and concerns about how she looks as we do, but if we follow her five solid tips for looking good and feeling good, we too can shine in our own skin.
Here’s her advice:

  1. Mix it up. Michelle says she likes to support all kinds of designers — we’ve seen her wear dresses from Target one day, then a designer frock the next. We like the variety!
  2. Wear what you love. This is an easy one!
  3. Be practical about what you wear. Mrs. O says she checks the weather and her schedule before deciding on an outfit. If she’s playing in the grass with kids, she’s probably not going to choose a skirt or a revealing top.
  4. The perfect shirt is critical. Make sure you can move and feel good in one investment blouse.
  5. Don’t obsess about your clothes, be practical about them, and make the people around you your focus. This was what Michelle harped on the most. Seems like being comfortable is the most important part about being stylish. A great outfit allows us to be ourselves and to focus on the important things; a terrible one makes us worry if our stomach rolls are showing, or if a nip might slip, or if our butt looks OK.

And there you have it, gals.If you follow these 5 fashion tips, you too can capture the man of your dreams just like The Mooch.
Not to mention the derision of a Nation and a stupid looking dog.


Ahhh, the 70s.......

Photo courtesy of Mr. G at My Daily Kona

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sounds like a normal day in Oakland

Source: ABC Reporter’s Life Allegedly Threatened at Occupy Oakland; ‘We Shoot White Bitches Like You Around Here’

Early yesterday morning, we received a tip from a reader in the San Francisco East Bay area who informed us that a local reporter’s life had been threatened by an activist at the Occupy Oakland demonstration.
Our source, who is fearful of reprisal and has requested anonymity, says that KGO-TV’s Amy Hollyfield was accosted by a man who threatened her and used a racial slur:
We shoot white bitches like you around here.”
According to our source, the Oakland Police Department was apparently called to the scene. Inquiries to the police, and to Hollyfield, which began at roughly 8 a.m. Pacific time yesterday, are still unanswered today.
Other local morning news reports from three of the major Bay Area stations suggested that the Occupy Oakland tent city had descended into rat-infested squalor with complaints of vandalism, public urination, sexual harassment, and sex in public.
For the rest, go here to Big Journalism

We saw a lot of this at the Tea Parties

As if they weren't freaky enough.


Occupy Toronto "This Man Was in my Tent Sniffing my Girlfriend’s Feet”

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Occupy Wall Sreet Flag

- Stolen from Tom Cs' FB page

Well, you sure fucked that one up, didn't you?

(CBS News) — First Lady Michelle Obama has played a major and at times humorous role on the final day of her husband’s three-day bus tour through North Carolina and Virginia.
Joining the president at Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Hampton, Virginia, Mrs. Obama announced a new private sector commitment to hire 25,000 veterans and military spouses by the end of 2013. Improving the lives of the military is one of her causes.
Following the First Lady’s introduction, the president went off-script as he commented on his wife. Looking out at a sea of military personnel in battle fatigues, Mr. Obama admitted, “I hate following Michelle. She’s so good.”
To the laughter of the service people he added, “See for you men out there who are not yet married, let me explain. The whole goal is to marry up — to try to improve your gene pool.”

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Drunk Chicks - Gotta love 'em



Why 9-9-9 won't even get off the ground

Let me tell you why Cains' 9-9-9 Plan will never be implemented.
Cain's plan would trash our current taxes and replace them with a 9 percent income tax, a 9 percent business tax and a 9 percent national sales tax, plain and simple.
There are a couple of reasons it won't work. First off, it will actually raise taxes for some - you know, the poor that don't pay taxes while bitching about the rich not paying enough - and secondly, it will abolish most if not all of the Internal Revenue Service, which will save millions of dollars in itself. Bureaucracy abhors a vacuum. It can't even have a simple committee without having subcommittees. No fucking way can it cut an entire department.

My Touchy-Feely Story of the Week

(CBS Cleveland) — An “Occupy Cleveland” protester tells police she was raped in her tent over the weekend.
Cleveland police are investigating an alleged sexual assault incident Saturday at the “Occupy Cleveland” rally involving a 19-year-old female student from Parma.
According to police reports, the 19-year-old student was instructed by “Occupy Cleveland” personnel to “share a tent with the suspect due to a shortage of tents.” The suspect identified himself as “Leland” to the woman. The woman told police that after she had thought the suspect went to sleep in his own bed, she slept in a sleeping bag provided to her by the rally.
The student went to school Monday and told a teacher about her sexual assault incident in Public Square — which is being classified as “kidnapping/rape” — prompting the teacher to immediately contact the authorities.
“Occupy Cleveland” is one of many movements taking place nationwide in the wake of “Occupy Wall Street,” which is protesting against corporate greed.

Look at us! We're finally doing our job!!!

ICE deports record number of immigrants in year
MIAMI (AP) — U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director John Morton said Tuesday his agency deported nearly 400,000 individuals during the fiscal year 2011 that just ended in September.
Morton announced the numbers in Washington, saying they were the largest in the agency's history.
ICE said about 55 percent of the 396,906 individuals deported had felony or misdemeanor convictions. Officials said the number of individuals convicted of crimes was up 89 percent from 2008.
Officials could not immediately say how many of those crimes related just to previous immigration violations. Individuals can be convicted of a felony just for returning to the U.S. or being found in the U.S. after the government orders them to leave.
Among those deported were more than 1,000 people convicted of homicide. Another 5,800 were sexual offenders, and about 80,000 people convicted of drug related crimes or driving under the influence.
For the rest of this feel-good story, go here.


I know in my heart that the men and women that are actually trying to do the job (the folks walking the border) are just as frustrated as we are by the restraints put on them by the politicians.

Fuck your laws, it's all about us

Excerpts from a story found here.


Cain's Electrified-Fence Comment Raises Concern in Mexico
While Mexico is deeply divided over a tumultuous drug war and tough economic times, the nation can always find unity in one sacred-cow issue: defending its migrants in El Norte. Almost every family in the country has members in the U.S., many sweating on fields, construction sites or in restaurants, and sending home dollars to keep ramshackle villages and city barrios alive. So when Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain joked about a killer electric fence to keep migrants out, political electric shocks surged rapidly south of the Rio Grande. From pulpits by the border to editorial offices in the capital, priests and editors vented their anger at comments they called "stupid," "barbaric" and "shameful."

However, few in Mexico could see the funny side of the comments. Ciudad Juárez's Bishop Renato Ascencio León said following his Sunday mass that the Republican candidate was "ridiculous." "In many places, like Germany, they are taking down barriers. Here they are putting them up," he said. "Many come from the United States into Mexico without any papers at all." On a national radio show, popular journalist Carmen Aristegui said Cain's comments were gravely concerning. "We are seeing a rise in extremism in the United States," Aristegui said. "These ideas are absurd, stupid."(See pictures of Mexico's ongoing drug violence.)

On the streets of Mexico City, many locals said they were concerned about the tone in the American electoral debate. "How can you joke about killing poor people who are searching for a better life?" asks Jaime Carrillo, 42, an accountant. "And what if this guy became President? These kinds of comments would cause tension between our countries." Presidential hopeful Rick Perry also provoked ire earlier this month when he suggested that U.S. troops may have to cross into Mexico to fight drug cartels. Mexico's ambassador to the U.S. swiftly replied that "U.S. troops on Mexican soil is not on the table." Candidate Mitt Romney has also waded into the issue, criticizing Perry for being too soft on the border, while saying that "illegal immigration burdens us and is a threat."

More coyotes! That's what I'm talkin' about!

Disgraced South Korean stem cell scientist Hwang Woo-Suk unveiled eight cloned coyotes Monday in a project sponsored by a provincial government.
Hwang delivered the clones to a wild animal shelter at Pyeongtaek, 50 kilometres (35 miles) south of Seoul, in a ceremony chaired by Gyeonggi province governor Kim Moon-Soo, Kim's office said.
Hwang was a national hero until some of his research into creating human stem cells from a cloned embryo was found to be faked.
But his work in creating Snuppy, the world's first cloned dog, in 2005 has been verified by experts and authorities.
Under a joint project with the province to clone wild animals, Hwang took cells from the skin of a coyote, Kim's office said in a statement.

Mean people suck!

I don't know why they're so surprised. Thieves are just like them, you know, wanting something for nothing, wanting the fruits of other peoples' labors, taking advantage of others' efforts.
Welcome to the real word, Junior........


Thieves preying on fellow protesters
It’s a den of thieves!
Occupy Wall Street protesters said yesterday that packs of brazen crooks within their ranks have been robbing their fellow demonstrators blind, making off with pricey cameras, phones and laptops -- and even a hefty bundle of donated cash and food.
“Stealing is our biggest problem at the moment,” said Nan Terrie, 18, a kitchen and legal-team volunteer from Fort Lauderdale.
“I had my Mac stolen -- that was like $5,500. Every night, something else is gone. Last night, our entire [kitchen] budget for the day was stolen, so the first thing I had to do was . . . get the message out to our supporters that we needed food!”
Crafty cat burglars sneaked into the makeshift kitchen at Zuccotti Park overnight and swiped as much as $2,500 in donated greenbacks from right under the noses of volunteers who’d fallen asleep after a long day whipping up meals for the hundreds of hungry protesters, the volunteers said.
“The worst thing is there’s people sleeping in the kitchen when they come, and they don’t even know about it! There are some really smart and sneaky thieves here,” Terrie said.
“I had umbrellas stolen, a fold-up bed I brought because my back is bad -- they took that, too!”
Security volunteer Harry Wyman, 22, of Brooklyn was furious about the thievery -- and vowed to get tough with the predatory perps.
“I’m not getting paid, but I’m not gonna stand for it. Why people got to come here and do stupid stuff? All it does is make people not wanna come here anymore,” Wyman fumed
Read the rest of this sniveling, whining bullshit here

TOTUS Kidnapped In Virginia, Obama Reportedly Inconsolable…

ENRICO, VA (WWBT) — NBC12 has uncovered one of those stories that makes you think: “How in the world does that happen?!” A truck filled with President Obama’s podiums and audio equipment was stolen in Henrico just days before his visit to Chesterfield.
We confirmed an investigation with the U.S. Defense Department. There are still a lot of questions. The biggest one being did the thieves intentionally target the President’s truck or did they take advantage of a crime of opportunity and give a big “uh-oh” when they saw what was inside.
When you see President Obama speak, there is a pretty typical setup including the presidential seal on a podium, the see-thru Teleprompter and a portable sound system.
Thieves saw the truck carrying that equipment and couldn’t resist the target.
We’re told the truck was parked at the Virginia Center Commons Courtyard Marriott in advance on Wednesday’s presidential visit to Chesterfield.
Sources said inside that vehicle was about $200,000 worth of sound equipment, several podiums and presidential seals, behind which only the President himself can stand.
- Weasel Zippers

Seems like I know her from somewhere.....

Fuck this shit

Somebody is about to have a bad day

Dream on, mo

Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday night ramblins

I generally lay off coyote hunting in the fall due to deer season, both archery and general rifle seasons, for a couple of reasons:
#1 Just because I don't hunt deer doesn't mean that I'm going to blow another hunters' only shot on his only trip that year. Fuck it, I can hunt coyotes anytime I feel the urge but deer season in D6 runs 6 short weeks and I can give the woods and mountains to the other guys for a while. That ain't no big deal. Then for rifle season there's the most important reason, #2 If you think I'm going to be in the woods dressed like a fucking tree with a bunch of guys that pick up their guns once a year and shoot at anything that moves, you're out of your rabbit-ass mind.
Fuck that.

So the last time I went was back in August, I think. I went to an area I knew was thick with coyotes north of the town of Bridgeport in eastern California along the Masonic road, about 3 and 1/2 hours from the house. Just over the hill, ya know?
Now I knew this area well from about 25-30 years ago when I used to hunt and document old mining sites and towns. But as soon as I got off the main road about a mile, I got disoriented. The Forestry Service had re-done the road and moved it further north a mile or so taking a fairly straight road and turning it into a twisting, turning washboard of a mess. Fuck it, I had a full tank of gas, my rifle, git kit and a full spare tire. I was going to end up wherever I ended up and I was pretty sure I could keep myself entertained when I got there.
I shouldn't have worried. I came around a bend and spotted the Chemung Mine and mill ruins.

I went on around the mill and headed on down the road. Later, I backtracked and hunted the flats about a half mile south of this mill.

But it was too late to hunt the prime spots for the morning hunt and way too early for the evening shoot, so I headed on down the road to visit an old friend - the ghost town of Masonic.

This cabin used to be the post office according to Emil Billeb's Mining Camp Days. According to my measurements, the cabin was only about 6 feet tall at the peak and 4 feet at the corners. Must've been a bunch of real short fuckers back then.

The mill ruins directly above the cabin you just saw. These mills, either stamp or ball mills, pulverized the ore after it was run through the rock crusher. KIND OF A NOISY OPERATION, HEH? And these fucking mills ran 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Once the rock was reduced to dust it went down a shaker table to be mixed with mercury and later, cyanide which is what this mill must've used because of all the empty barrels laying around.
The mill was built on a hillside because everything was gravity fed - it's a lot easier to move rock downhill than it is to push that shit on a level surface.
The rockcrushers, the first step in the operation were above and behind the large wooden bins still visible at the tops of the ruins. From there, shit flowed downhill.
The ore came by tram from a couple of mines, The Pittsburgh Liberty and the Jump Up Joe. The mine below is the Pittsburgh Liberty.

The mining district was formed in the 1860s but lay pretty much idle until Bodie boomed in the 70s. After that boom went bust a few years later, prospectors got busy and discovered gold in outlying areas like Masonic, Big Boy and other small camps. Masonic only boomed for a couple of years in 1910-12 but it's mines were fucked from the beginning - All around Masonic gold ore is found in veins and ledges and can be followed by drifting a shaft until it peters out. In Masonic, it's pocket gold - You'll hit a rich strike and think you're onto something huge, but suddenly it's all gone. It's not connected to another source. You can't drift a shaft if you don't know where to bore. Fucked by Mother Nature again.

 Here's another shot of the post office. Below are other assorted structures decaying a little more with each cold-ass winter.

I spent a lot of time in that area back in the late 80s and got to know it pretty well, reading up on the area as much as I could.
So it was nice to wander around and get reacquainted. It's remote enough that it hasn't been destroyed by souvenir hunters so it really was like going back 25 years.

The coyote hunting? Sucked like I figured it would. Mid-summer doldrums.
Those dogs were flat out fucking call-shy. I could see them circling waaaaay out but they never came closer than 500 yards, about 200 yards beyond my personal limits.
Then after the winds kicked up after dark, I said fuck it, threw my gear in my truck and came home to snuggle up in my jammies.

Another winner from Texas Fred

Here's an excerpt of Freds' remarks from his post: The Police Reports the “Occupy Wall Street” Mob Doesn’t Want You to See

The *Occupy Wall Street* movement is a Socialist revolution right here in America! I guess Barack Hussein Obama, an avowed Socialist, wasn’t moving fast enough for the powers that are pulling his strings and now they have mobilized the Socialist LEFT in an effort to drive America into the sewer.
The American Socialist Party endorses the Occupy people, so does the NAZI Party. Here’s a bit more info on who supports this *Occupy* movement.

For the full post go Here to Texas Fred's site

Short memories

China: Occupy Wall Street's issues worth thought
BEIJING (AP) -- China's foreign ministry said Monday the Occupy Wall Street movement highlights issues that are worth considering, but that debates generated by the protests should promote global economic growth.
"We feel that there are issues here that are worth pondering," said Liu Weimin, a foreign ministry spokesman during a regular briefing in Beijing.
"We have also noticed that in the media there has been a lot of commentary, discussion and reflection. But we think that all of these reflections should be conducive to maintaining the sound and steady development of the world economy," Liu said, without elaborating.
The state-run Global Times newspaper said in an editorial that the Chinese should "calmly observe the protest movement and the global situation, and not be confused by extreme points of view."

Earlier in the year, anonymous online calls for protests in China inspired by those that have swept across the Middle East and North Africa spooked the Chinese government into launching one of its broadest campaigns of repression in years. The calls for demonstrations every Sunday did not draw any overt protesters.


Sure, they think the issues are "worth some thought" as long as the protests aren't happening in their own country.

Tiananmen Square protests of 1989
The protests were sparked by mass mourning over the death of former CPC General Secretary Hu Yaobang, a Party official who had been purged for his support of political liberalization.[5] By the eve of Hu's funeral, 100,000 people gathered at Tiananmen Square.[6] Beijing students began the demonstrations to encourage continued economic reform and liberalization,[7] and evolved into a mass movement for political reform.[7] From Tiananmen Square they later expanded to the surrounding streets. Non-violent protests also occurred in cities throughout China, including Shanghai and Wuhan. Looting and rioting occurred in various locations throughout China, including Xi'an and Changsha.[8]
The movement used mainly non-violent methods and can be considered a case of civil resistance.[9] Led mainly by students and intellectuals, the protests occurred in the year that was to see the collapse of a number of communist governments in eastern Europe.
The movement lasted seven weeks after Hu's death on 15 April. Premier Li Peng, a hardline conservative, declared martial law on 20 May, but no military action took place until 4 June, when the tanks and troops of the People's Liberation Army moved into the streets of Beijing, using live fire while proceeding to Tiananmen Square to clear the area of protestors. The exact number of civilian deaths is not known, and the majority of estimates range from several hundred to thousands.[10] There was widespread international condemnation of the government's use of force against the protesters.[

Maybe Brenda should teach that class, huh?

So the dumbass teacher doesn't know what a pledge is? Maybe she should go back to school and have a do-over for the day they taught the meaning of the words 'pledge, promise, and vow'.


TX High School Students Made to Recite Mexican National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance
Students in a Texas public high school were made to stand up and recite the Mexican national anthem and Mexican pledge of allegiance as part of a Spanish class assignment, but the school district maintains there was nothing wrong with the lesson.
It happened last month in an intermediate Spanish class at Achieve Early College High School in McAllen, Texas — a city located about 10 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border.
Wearing red, white and green, students had to memorize the Mexican anthem and pledge and stand up and recite them in individually in front of the class.
That didn’t go over well with sophomore Brenda Brinsdon. The 15-year-old sat down and refused to participate. She also caught it all on video:

“I just thought it was out of hand, I didn’t think it was right,” she told The Blaze. “Reciting pledges to Mexico and being loyal to it has nothing to do with learning Spanish.”
She said she was particularly offended because the presentations in teacher Reyna Santos’s class took place during “Freedom Week,” the week after the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, and on U.S. Constitution Day — the same day as Mexico’s Independence Day.
“Why are we doing their independence when it‘s Freedom Week and it’s also Constitution Day?” Brinsdon said.
Brinsdon said she complained to the school principal, Yvette Cavazo, who told her it was part of the curriculum and that she should participate. Her father, William, also got involved, calling the school district superintendent to complain.
When Brenda made clear she would not stand up and recite the pledge, she was given an alternative assignment: an essay on the history of the Mexican revolution.
Meanwhile, other students continued with their presentations, which took place over the course of several days.
When Brinsdon talked to Santos — a first-year teacher at Achieve — about her new assignment, the teacher told her she grew up in Mexico.
“She told me that she loved Mexico,” Brinsdon said.
School district spokesman Mark May defended the presentations, saying it’s a state requirement for upper-level language classes to teach about foreign culture.
According to the state’s Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards, students are expected to gain “knowledge and understanding” of other cultures and use the language to demonstrate understanding of different practices and perspectives. There are no specific requirements about learning to recite pledges or anthems.
May said it’s up to the teacher how to interpret and teach the standards.
“It wasn’t required to pledge loyalty and renounce the U.S., they were simply spreading the culture of another country,” May told The Blaze. “In my mind it’s no different from memorizing a poem or memorizing a passage from Shakespeare.”
William Brinsdon took issue with that notion, saying if that’s the case it cheapens the pledge.
“You‘re taking their allegiance and their oath from Mexico and cheapening it just as a grade or words don’t mean anything,” he said.
May reiterated that the lesson was all done within the context of meeting the state requirements, and that the school did its duty providing Brenda with an alternative assignment when she objected.
“The students came away with a better understanding of the culture, heritage and customs of a neighboring country where Spanish is the primary language,” he said.
May added that the lesson was “well received” by other students and parents.
“There’s always going to be people that always feel a little bit differently,” May said.
William Brinsdon is still having a hard time fathoming the idea of reciting foreign pledges and anthems in a U.S. public school in the first place.
“Our kids don’t even know the [American] national anthem and here we are…teaching them to memorize and perform the national anthem for Mexico,” he said. “I just think it’s so backwards.”
The Blaze’s Jonathon M. Seidl contributed to this report.
The Blaze

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Just because

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Sunday, October 16, 2011


Butch, being new to the world of internet dating.....


Oh, fuck you.......

Iran's Khamenei warns US over assassination claims
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran's supreme leader warned the United States on Sunday that any measures taken against Tehran over an alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington would elicit a "resolute" response.
Two men, including a member of the Iranian special foreign actions unit known as the Quds Force, have been charged in New York federal court with conspiring to kill the Saudi diplomat, Adel Al-Jubeir. U.S. officials have said no one was ever in any immediate danger from the plot.

Khamenei, who has the final say on all state matters in Iran, said that the U.S. accused Iran of terror in order to divert attention from its economic woes and from the Occupy Wall Street protest movement.
"By attributing an absurd and meaningless accusation to a few Iranians, they tried ... to show that Iran is a supporter of terrorism. ... This conspiracy didn't work and won't work," he said.
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, for his part, dismissed the U.S. accusations as a fabricated "scenario."
"Iran is a civilized nation and doesn't need to resort to assassination," Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying Sunday by the official IRNA news agency. "The culture of terror belongs to you," he said, addressing the United States.

Typical Kalifornia reporting

Illegal Alien Kills Cancer Survivor: LA Times Censors Facts

 Here is how the Los Angeles Times reports yet another American killed by a Mexican illegal alien. Notice how the immigration status of the drunken, cocaine addled illegal alien is scrupulously avoided. Note that the killer qualifies for DREAM Act taxpayer financed advantages over the American who he killed.

Cara Lee's parents would have the "privilege" of paying for the murderer of their only child to go to college.


A Costa Mesa man on Friday received a 20-year sentence and four months in prison for killing an Orange Coast College student and model in a drunk-driving crash on Valentine's Day 2010.
Gustavo Adrian Vega, 24, was sentenced in Orange County Superior Court for killing Cara Lee, 20.
Vega had been convicted of murder, felony hit-and-run and felony possession of a controlled substance, cocaine, on June 30, according to court records.
According to prosecutors, Vega was driving drunk on Flower Street heading toward Sunflower Avenue about 2:30 a.m. Feb. 14, 2010, when he sped through a red light and his Toyota Tundra pickup crashed into a Toyota Corolla, killing Lee, who was working as a model.
Vega fled the scene and was later found by Costa Mesa police hiding in a nearby housing complex. He had a blood-alcohol content level of .17 — more than twice the legal limit — according to a news release from the Orange County district attorney's office.
Lee was an only child and a cancer survivor who beat the disease when she was 17, according to theDaily Pilot.

No way, Jose

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Mexico ships televisions, cars, sugar and medical equipment to the United States. Soon, it may be sending water north.
Western states are looking south of the border for water to fill drinking glasses, flush toilets and sprinkle lawns, as four major U.S. water districts help plan one of two huge desalination plant proposals in Playas de Rosarito, about 15 miles south of San Diego. Combined, they would produce 150 million gallons a day, enough to supply more than 300,000 homes on both sides of the border.


No way in hell am I drinking any water from Mehico. There's no telling what kind of diseases or bacteria from dead cartel members are floating around in that shit. Let's face it, the country (especially the northern part) is not exactly known for its' high standards of cleanliness.