Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Apparently self reliance is not a virtue to your government

One in seven Americans are on food stamps, but the government is pushing to enroll more — in many instances working to overcome Americans’ “pride,” self-reliance or failure to see a need.
“Our common goal is to increase participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program,” the United States Department of Agriculture explains on its “Outreach Toolkits” page. “Our purpose is to ensure that those going through difficult times can feed their families healthy, nutritious food. By working as a team, we can accomplish these goals.”
The USDA has adopted a range of strategies and programs designed to bring more people to SNAP, including taking on “pride.” A 2011 Hunger Champions Award document reveals that local assistance offices have been rewarded for “counteracting” pride and pushing more people to sign up for benefits.


Fuck you. I do not want your help, I will not ask for your help and I will resist your help with my dying breath.


  1. Baby steps to communism, buddy. Four more years of Obama and the U.S. is tits up.

  2. I was unemployed off and on for over a year. I never took a damn dime from the government. I ate on the cheap, I didn't have a TV, and I spent all my time at the library, job hunting on Craigslist and everywhere else. I took shit jobs (flower delivery, landscaping, painting) until I got lucky and met the right people at the right time. I'm employed and doing ok now, but I will never forget what it was like to be that broke. And I'm damn proud that I took care of myself! These fucking people can kiss both cheeks of my pale white ass!
    /rant off


  3. I second Craig, amen. And, well said...

  4. Amen! Just leave me be....
    I'LL take care of me and mine....

  5. I'm not ashamed to say that two years ago, when we were at our lowest point ever, we applied for emergency assistance and food stamps. We were denied both even though I was making $15.00 per hour part time as the head of household in a household of four with two teens. If it had been just me I would never have abased myself. I had others to think about.

    Yeah, I was forced to be self-reliant even then, as I have always been. But some motherfucker who never paid taxes matched against my lifetime of paying my share and then some gets a fuckin' free ride. Fuck this government. Happy Fourth of July to my compatriots! Fuck Obama!

  6. Your right dude, but some of these dumb fucker`s can`t see the old carrot dangling on a stick routine being played on them. "Bomba gone gib me mah free shit yo crackah`s owe`s me !." Ya know what I`m sayin man?.

  7. Fuck 'em. Take their help and use the money you save to buy more guns and ammo.


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