Wednesday, July 04, 2012

But for Men like him.....

Captain Parker was part of a well respected Lexington family. At various times his father, Josiah served as Lexington Town Clerk, Assessor and even a Selectman. Parker himself was a farmer, mechanic and life long resident of Lexington…born on Spring Street. He was “a stout, large framed man of medium height”. Parker was no stranger to military battle. Earlier in his life he fought in the French and Indian War at Louisbourg and Quebec and was a member of Roger’s Rangers. At the age of 26 he married Lydia Moore also of Lexington.
On the morning of April 19, 1775 Captain John Parker was 46 years old as he stood beside 76 other colonists and opposed 700 British Regulars. At the time he was terminally sick with tuberculosis. His illness forced him to bed early the night before (April 18, 1975). It was around 1:00AM when a messenger arrived informing him that the Regulars were marching to Concord. Parker and his men assembled on the Lexington Green and around 5:30AM three advance companies of British Regulars burst on the scene commanded by Major Pitcairn.

Many, many times historians have debated how the events unfolded that morning, but several things are indisputable…
Parker lined his men in two ranks, a proud stance for freedom challenging the world’s most dominant superpower… and the captain and his brave men weren’t looking for fight that morning, but they weren’t going to back down if one came …and it did.
Here is the text of Captain John Parker’s actual deposition given several days after the battle:

Lexington, April 25, 1775.
I, John Parker, of lawful age, and commander of the Militia in Lexington, do testify and declare, that on the nineteenth instant, in the morning, about one of the clock, being informed that there were a number of Regular Officers riding up and down the road, stopping and insulting people as they passed the road, and was also informed that a number of Regular Troops were on their march from Boston, in order to take the
Province Stores at Concord, ordered our Militia to meet on the common in said
Lexington, to consult what to do, and concluded not to be discovered, nor meddle or
make with said Regular Troops (if they should approach) unless they should insult us;
and upon their sudden approach, I immediately ordered our Militia to disperse and not to fire. Immediately said Troops made their appearance, and rushed furiously, fired upon and killed eight of our party, without receiving any provocation therefor from us.

John Parker
Captain John Parker didn’t live long enough to see the United States officially declare its independence. He died of Tuberculosis a mere five months after the battle of Lexington and Concord…but his noble actions on April 19, 1775, so perfectly represented by that statue on the Lexington Green, sounded a declaration of freedom heard throughout the world.


Read that last paragraph again. The man was dying of tuberculosis. a slow, lingering death with no hope of recovery. He had absolutely nothing to gain for his glorious deeds that fine spring day, he could've stayed in his home and dealt with his suffering and misery as best as he could, but he believed so fervently in his Cause and his Beliefs that he rose and stood with his fellow Patriots at their line in the sand.
It's Men like Captain John Parker that are the reason for our celebration today.

For a photo of his deposition of the battle in his own hand, go HERE. It is legible when magnified.


  1. God bless his memory. Isn't a shame so many waste for what he fought.

  2. Ask one hundred high school seniors who this man is and what he stood for, and you might get one who knows. More if you include home schooled students. We have stopped teaching our history, our values and our future will suffer for it.

  3. He also had nothing to lose...

    We need another like him today.


  4. It`s coming.I believe at this time the situation has deteriorated to the point where there`s no stopping it. The last 4 administration`s have destroyed this country. Deliberately. Election cycle`s are a meaningless ritual. From "Fall of the Republic" - "Both the republican and democrat parties are owned by the same global elite`s and on thing`s that matter to those elite`s,act as one".We saw that last week with the treacherous,cowardly supreme cunt decision. Comrade Obama put it "In your face!" with his NDAA "Your going to do what we demand or we`re gonna fuckin kill ya!".This is going to be the titanic clash of ideologies that eventually had to happen. It`s going to be horrendous . Johny won`t be home for Christmas.


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