Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Promises, promises.....

Demonstrators plan to mark the first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, which morphed into a global protest movement last year.

Planned disruptions include obstructing intersections around the New York Stock Exchange and elsewhere in the financial district, as well as other “autonomous or mass actions” that morning, a Monday, according to the website.

Some activists plan to bring handcuffs and attempt citizen’s arrests of bankers, according to Bloomberg News.

“We are just going to cause chaos, period,” one organizer, Drew Hornbein, told Bloomberg News. “Have you ever been in poverty in this country? Talk about inconvenience. I don’t have any sympathy for anyone who has any semblance of middle-class life in this country — no sympathy.”


Anonymous said...

Man, these people will be definitly in the wrong place. They need to be in DC rounding up up all the commies in gov't. Where's McCarthy when you need him.

Anonymous said...

These dingbats obviously have never had a job.
Monday is Labor Day
Paul in Texas

Toejam said...

I hope they try to "arrest" and cuff some dude with a CCL.


Cheesy said...

“Have you ever been in poverty in this country?"
Yeah. America, where 30% of the poor are obese.
He should take his traveling hysteria show to Somalia or Uganda or Mali, where people are REALLY poor, and see how it plays there.