Sunday, September 30, 2012

Don't forget your ear protection

The U.S. Air National Guard has purchased half a million dollars worth of portable LRAD acoustic systems, which are commonly used by police to quell protests and civil unrest, ensuring that the sonic weapons will be deployed “throughout” America during upcoming national emergencies and other crises.

The video above demonstrates how the portable LRAD works even at 200 feet high and amidst the noise of a helicopter.
LRAD Corporation has received an order worth $550,00 from the Air National Guard to ship LRAD 100X devices this quarter.
“With this order, LRAD systems will be in use by every major force of the Department of Defense,” Tom Brown, president and CEO of LRAD told Government Security News. “The Air National Guard will be deploying the LRAD 100X systems throughout the country to support and assist civil authorities in the event of severe natural or man-made disasters. LRAD systems have proven highly effective in communicating warnings, instructions and commands over wide areas before, during, and in the aftermath of catastrophes.”
As well as being powerful communication devices, LRADs emit piercing sounds that amount to nothing less than auditory torture, and serve to disperse people from geographical areas, breaking up demonstrations and other gatherings.
Larger versions of the LRAD, previously used against Somali pirates and insurgents in Afghanistan, are increasingly being deployed inside America. In 2009, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department deployed an LRAD against people going to a town hall meeting.
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KurtP said...

Two things that might make it mot as effective as they want it:
1- Most of the @ssholes who are going to be rioting in the near future listen to that earthshattering rap already- so they're immune to loud crappy noises.
2- What about those electric noise cancelling headphones?

...Ooohh, I need to buy several pairs before the .GOV mandates some kind of override.

Glenn B said...

We are in for big trouble in this country - the goverment is arming itself to attack the populace from what I can see.

Sarthurk said...

they better have a fast and tiny helicopter. Just sayin'

drjim said...

"Ears and Eyes are not just for the range anymore!".
Get yourself some laser-blocking goggles, too. Some of their "safe" dazzler systems will be coming next.

Toejam said...

Better idea:

Just feed Moochelle Obonga a shit load of baked beans.

With a monster ass like hers you get twice your money's worth for quelling riots.

1) 1 billion decible farts.

2) Gas more toxic that Zyclon-B

Phssthpok said...


Clinton ROE; Strike the root.

Stinkwilly said...

It's worked in their so called tests before, because they were testing it on unarmed and unprotected people.I'll bet a .50 cal sniper rifle with earplugs could shut that motherfucker up real fast.