Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Goddamn, now I feel like Thomas Paine

Okay. We have enough of a fucking fight with the III Movement to be doing all the petty bullshit arguing within the III Movement.
If you don't like what Sam is doing with the Citadel and it doesn't affect you, shut the fuck up about it. It's called Freedom to do what they want. Yes, you have the Right to free speech, but ask yourself as a responsible (key word back there) Patriot, what good is going to come of it?
Y'all are acting like a bunch of sandbox bitches and we've got a huge fight in front of us. Seriously, sworn enemies are being made over comments between people that have never met. That's fucking stupid. I don't know about you, but my enemy is not Jose Blow down in Southern California that made a shitty remark one day, it's the motherfuckers that trample my Rights every day.
 So get your goddamned focus back on stockpiling food and ammo and doing your recons and leave the petty bullshit about blogrolls and FB friends out of it. All you're doing is adding fuel to a fire that needs to be put out so we can be ready when the time comes.
We're going to be needing each other more than you realize.


MissK said...

I keep getting stuck on your last phrase. Well said Wirecutter.

hiswiserangel said...

Thank you wirecutter.

Anonymous said...

I have not understood why someone would try to stomp an idea that was not going to effect them personaly. I am not in a position to do the Citidel thing and therefore have no opinion (expressed) on it. Me thinks its sour grapes at not following an idea THEY had at somepoint. So, for the record, I support the III Citidel concept even if I can't participate in it.



Cheesy said...

Well said, and needs repeating, Wirecutter.

All the infighting contributes NOTHING to the job we've set out to do, and it's kind of disheartening to see people who should be allys sniping at each other like the right and left does.
Differences of opinion?
So fucking what?
There's a bigger picture here.

dhanna59 said...

Thanks Kenny, that really needed to be said! You've probly noticed I haven't been commenting for awhile, but I've been watching, boy have I been watching this BS transpire....I'm speechless as to say what is wrong with people.
I'm still here and still with ya my friend, I've still got eyes on the .mil and .gov, MTF.

wirecutter said...

D, I've been wondering if somebody finally killed your worless ass.
Welcome back, Brother.

Erinyes said...

For the record, I couldn't care less about the Citadel. I stated an OPINION. As did Folly. For our opinions, we were threatened with legal action for slander. I called bullshit on that, SUCCESSFULLY, and then all the fun began until I promised HWA I would be the first to stop. And I did. Unequivocally.

Also, for the record, Wirecutter, I delinked you after you delinked me without a cross word, really, being exchanged between you and I.

I'm all about burying hatchets with ANY ONE of you who is willing. There, I took the first hit on the peace pipe, I'm passing it to Wirecutter first.


wirecutter said...

But the opinion was damaging to the Movement - not just those that choose to live at the Citadel - but to anybody that reads our blogs. It caused division when what we need most of all right NOW is unity.

To everybody:
Let it be known here and now, in the spirit of my words, I will not publish any derogratory comments on this post.
If you got something to say about any of the comments, I suggest you call your spouse and complain to them because you won't see the words here.

dhanna59 said...

You've always made me smile Kenny, thanks for your welcome! Like you, I've had a father suffering but is still hanging on. Was in Ark for a month doctorin and cookin after MAJOR OH surgery. So far out in the boonies no internet. Was devastated to learn of your loss of Pops when I got back....My turn is right around the corner. I shed a few tears for him I'll tell ya. So sorry bro. Nuff said now, I'll tap you later, D.

David343 said...

I sometimes wonder if the is behind some of this crap, they do like to stir some shit up... just look at the middle eat.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% . We have a higher calling and cannot get involved in childish pissing contest's . I have made a couple very brief remark's on some recent idea's. One time is sufficient . I am well aware how you stand . It was Mike Vanderboegh who brought me into the III % movement. My son has served in the same outfit his son is in , in Afghanistan. To each his own . That's why we live in America. That's irrelevant , I would shoulder arm's with you any day.