Monday, September 17, 2012

Here Kitty kitty kitty......

One of the calls at work that I ran this summer, involved dealing with someone near the top of my "most stupid person of the year" list. Actually, it was two different people... but I didn't know this until later.

It was a bright, hot, Texas summer day. A resident in the city where I work was driving down her street with her kids in the car when she spied a bobcat kitten hunkered down by the curb along side the street.

"That's a bobcat," she thought to herself. "That's not right."

So, what does she do? Does she go on about her business leaving nature to itself? Does she call Animal Control and report the bobcat's location?

You might think so, but no. She did neither of the above. Don't forget, you're dealing with someone competing for the stupidest person of the year award here.

She stops her SUV in the middle of the street and takes off on foot chasing the young bobcat to and fro as it wildly tries to get away from her. She manages to corner it, and grabs it in her bare hands - thinking, of course, that the cute little kitten will be so grateful for her assistance that it will purr and nuzzle her cheek and Mother Gaia will smile down upon us all .....

Read the rest HERE, You won't be disappointed.
Thank Art for the laugh.


David the ODDMAN said...

Since there wasn't a death except the bobcat, there can't be a Darwin Award nomination here. The stupid peolpe however, need a beatdown for being just too stupid to live.

hiswiserangel said...

The BIGGEST act of stupidity was tossing it in the vehicle WITH her kids. WTF? I have always maintained an adult's right to be as stupid as he or she can manage, but when you involve your kids, you become too stupid to live.

Sara said...

Good lord... My little sister managed to grab on when she was all of about 3 or 4 years old, or rather, it grabbed her back. I am sure they were hunting each other. Laid her forehead open to the bone. She'll have a monster scar on there the rest of her life. Here kitty kitty.. At least she was young and dumb.

Paladin said...

Thanks for the link. If nothing else, doing what I do for a living has certainly opened my eyes to the helplessness of a great many people.