Monday, September 17, 2012

Just like he promised to repeal ObamaCare?

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will pledge to Hispanics on Monday that if elected he will fix the troubled U.S. immigration system in an appeal to a rising voter bloc that overwhelmingly favors Democratic President Barack Obama.
Looking to rebound after a tough week in which he fell behind Obama in the polls, Romney will couple his immigration promises with a commitment to get a handle on America's problem of rising national debt and massive budget deficits.

Yeah right. He'll do like every other politician and reach a compromise with the illegals instead of following the law that he was sworn to uphold and deporting every one of the motherfuckers.
Obama - now available in White.......


rgranger said...

it is time to end the USA and for Texas to go back to being a Republic - then we start shipping illegals and liberals out.

Paul, Dammit! said...

Eh, I agree that it's BS. No one person is going to fix the immigration issue. We're electing a president, not a priest-king. There's too much dissent over how to fix it.

BTB, my wife became a citizen last week. She's already complaining about the illegals, which she was when my met. Pretty women can get away with that shit.

CharlieDelta said...

I'm so fucking sick of the pandering that constantly goes on to the wetback leeches living in this country by both the democRATS and republicant's. I've seen the destruction these illegals do to a city. I've lived in San Diego for 40 years and have watched a once-beautiful, low crime, clean, English-speaking city slowly but surely turn into another fucked up graffiti and gang ridden, high crime, anything-but-English speaking and trashy place to live.

I've finally had enough of this shit and am getting the fuck out of here. The wetbacks already run shit in Commiefornia anyways. Or the shit is run to accommodate their un-American illegal dumbasses!

Happiness will be seeing Commiefornia in my U-Haul's rear view mirror crossing the Yuma border on a journey north. And with that, my one-fingered salute to the once "Golden State" that's now just muddy turd brown.

Every last one of these cocksuckers and the baby-generators they call wives need to be ridden out on a fuckin' rail and don't forget about their 20 fuckin' kids. You know, the 20 future welfare/foodstamp/WIC recipients and loyal democratic voters. Get them the fuck out! 1-way ticket southbound. Straight shot; no stops. No exceptions!

Now I'm all fucking worked up and will never get to sleep tonight without an extra-large serving of Crown/rocks. Fuck, this is getting expensive...

Anonymous said...

Its time for Texas to join the rest of the Confederate States in a bid to amicably fucking divorce. Just split the national debt or hell, just bankrupt the american dollar and start printing gold backed money again. Anyone who thinks a conservative candidate can fix this is delusional. The only way out of this mess is bankruptcy / secession / new countries / new government.

And I know this goes in the face of the III percenters but violent secession isn't likely to work IMO. you'd get more popular support with organized legal secession.