Friday, October 12, 2012

Miss Sheep?

The street level of Ousmane Ndiaye's building features a fabric shop. He and his family live on the second floor. Their upstairs neighbours? His beloved ram Billal and 10 other sheep.
Senegal is a nation where sheep are given names and kept inside homes as companions and the most popular television show is "Khar Bii," or literally, "This Sheep," in the local Wolof language.
It's an American Idol-style nationwide search for Senegal's most perfect specimen. Now in its fourth season, the show airs several times a week in the months leading up to Eid Al Adha, or Tabaski, as it's known here.
In Senegal, the sheep's ties to the important religious holiday have made them a part of many urban families in this predominantly Muslim country of 12.8 million people.
-Wisco Dave
Now how did I know that this baa-ty pageant is in a predominately muslim country?


Stinkwilly said...

On this holiday they all come together and name who the best piece of sheep ass was. Then they advance to the finals and have a BIG fuckoff and the winner goes to mecca to be admired by all the wild eyed monkeyfucks.

angrymike said...

I'm suprised they don't use camels, assholes must be to high for those little muzzies....