Friday, October 12, 2012

Coming to a neighborhood near you

- Murray

From the text on the youtube page:
Raytheon video of flight tests of a prototype of its Small Tactical Munition (STM), a 25-lb. laser/GPS-guided unpowered weapon designed to arm small unmanned aircraft, principally the AAI RQ-7 Shadow tactical UAV. For the tests, the STM was dropped from Raytheon's Cobra testbed UAV. The company vying for the contract to arm US Marine Corps Shadows, whcih are planned to be fielded with weapons within two years


It's coming, it's going to happen whether they're used for weapons platforms or surveillance and there's not a fucking thing we can do about it. Except...... shoot the motherfuckers down on take off and landing, destroy them up on the ground and deal with the fucking operators.


John said...

Interesting choice of words in the video's intro, "Approved for Public Release..." Oh, is it, now?

angrymike said...

Gotta get me a silencer, it would be so much more fun when they're not sure where the gunfire is coming from........lmao.....