Thursday, October 04, 2012

Wash your truck like this, RPM?


rpm2day said...

It's hard to type with my tongue hanging out, but Hell Yes that works!

DeNihilist said...

K, gonna send this vid to you and Pissed at the same time. Can't decide which one of ya deserves it the most!

Toejam said...

Reminds me of the scene in the movie "Cool Hand Luke" where the country girl was washing the car.

skybill said...

Hi Ken,
My little white truck could use a washing. These ladies can do the job and as the twin tailed (F-14) "Tomcat" would say,"Anytime, baby!"

B.C. said...

I'm wondering what the answer was when the driver of the vehicle in the picture pulled up and asked "How much do you charge for a Hummer?"

Tom Stockton said...

Adding to what DeNihilist posted -- this is called the "full version".


The young lady's name is Manizha Faraday, she's a Russian topless model, and who cares if the video is a setup?

Tom Stockton