Friday, November 30, 2012

Balls of steel


Deb probably sees a lot of this shit up there in Maine where she lives. I just want to know why the homeowners didn't break it free themselves with a 30.06 and pick up a few steaks while they were at it?


  1. I'm with you WC, shoot the beast and feed your family for a year. The game warden was foolish.

  2. Kudos to the cop. That was some good work.

  3. Kept waiting for the guy with the bolt cutters to git the shit stomped out of him, what a let-down.

  4. Holy crap! Can't believe that moose just didn't drag the whole swing set with him into the woods.

    I've been here 12 years and have only seen one moose after a phone call of "Hey! Quick! Go drive by the moose that's in so-and-so's yard!". Maybe that's a good thing, since most folks here only see a moose once - as it's crashing through their windshield while their doing 50 mph on the dark winding roads here.

  5. Agreed Deb. Whomever installed said swing set was old school. Probably cemented each leg and added support where needed. Impressive install!

    As for the moose meat, to worked up, too much adrenilen, meat would have tasted like shit.

  6. There were moose where I grew up, and they are mean as shit. Better to come across a bear than a moose..

  7. I've been around a few moose, and they can be some scary buggers. I've run off bears by throwing rocks, but moose just get pissed when you do that.
    I've had to pull out mule deer that were tangled up in barbwire fences; you usually end up getting kicked and big a few times before you get the dumb bastards loose.


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