Sunday, November 25, 2012

C'mere, kid. Want a new shiny toy?

In order to sweeten the pot of federalization, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is giving gifts of expensive gadgets to local police forces.
Cops in North Jersey, for example, were showered with gifts from their would-be overseers. As reported by The Record:
Oradell, Emerson, Closter and Harrington Park police have car-mounted night-vision technology and video and recording equipment that can watch over the Oradell Reservoir and dam — and the hikers and anglers entering it. West Milford can do the same around the Newark watershed. Wayne police are scanning ... the license plates of vehicles outside the Willowbrook Mall, while East Rutherford officers patrol hotel parking lots near the Meadowlands and the Federal Reserve building off Route 17.
How is all this new technology being used? Who is being watched? Why are they being targeted for surveillance? Neither law enforcement nor federal agents are talking.

Just remember - everything created by Man can be defeated by Man. Make shit like this part of your recons. Night vision and license plate scanners don't hold up well to sledgehammers, bullets and fire.

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drjim said...

Or black spray paint applied generously to the lenses while the drivers of said vehicles are taking their donut break.