Saturday, December 01, 2012

All right! A III Precenter wedding!!!!!


The Ancient Mariner said...

Apparently they forgot to mention Rule 3 on the invitation -- too many booger hooks on the bang switches. Cletus next to the groom, Bubba behind him, and the couple to the far left of the picture.

Not to mention Rule 2, again at the far left.

Time to kick some ass, Kenny!

drjim said...

Looks like a bunch I used to know back in Illinois!

doghauler said...

all ok as far as i can see, cept for the reformed democrat. bald guy with shotgun barrel planted in the ground. ah well, one in every family. bet the recepton effin rocked.

Wrench said...

Welcome to Pennsylvania... still hanging onto our guns and religion... fu b/h/o

Everett said...

Looks like the tallest dude there has his hook in the Desert Eagle's hole too