Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fuck the NRA again

This comment came to me this morning in response to this post HERE about the NRA.

Anonymous said...
you believe an article written by the AP? what kool-aid you been drinking? so let me see support the NRA with 4 million members and growing or the what... 8 members of the III. not your best marketing ploy.
December 18, 2012 9:09 PM
I made some snappy-ass reply but it was something like 4:30 AM and I usually don't wake up until after my third cup of coffee (about 7:30) and well into my second truck.
Now that I've had time to think about it, here goes:
I would rather fight and die with 8 other Patriots than stand with 4 million fucking cowards that pay somebody else to do their fighting for them.
I was a III Percent Patriot decades before I even heard the term, but with them I know my ass is covered no matter what.
I did notice that EVERY FUCKING ONE that came down on me about my stance on the NRA was an anonymous commenter whereas everybody that supported my opinion signed their name or handle.


bobabouy said...

I would love to be a fly on the wall at that III delegate conv. "ok lets write a fucking Constitution. We the mother fucking... no wait you fucking pieces of shit... "

Ok no more anon happy now you mut&$@ ...nevermind. I come in peace. I want the govt to leave me and my guns alone. Maybe we can at least agree on that.

Anonymous said...

I have been following your articles for a while now and I am here to tell you that you don't have 8 patriots to fight with....
you have 9
everybody is covering their ass and nobody is giving a damn about their future prosperity(children) As the saying goes ( I would rather fight on my feet than die on my knee's)
As far as III percent patriot my father was a Marine in WWII fighting at Pelilou and I thank God he passed in 2005 so he wouldn't have to see what a jacked up mess this country and the "metro sexual men" have become
please God save the USA

Average God fearing American
and Proud of It!

wirecutter said...

We don't need to write a Constitution. We already have one.

It's not just about guns - we have issues of the violations of any of our Rights. The 2A is just the means to protect the other nine.

wirecutter said...

Thank you, Anon.

Danne said...

Wirecutter said: "It's not just about guns - we have issues of the violations of any of our Rights. The 2A is just the means to protect the other nine."
Well said, the NRA and it's single issue endorsements gave us Harry Reid....nice goin fuckers!

bobabouy said...

So Wirecutter I guess you've been reading about all the new gun & ammo laws heading your way. Its no wonder people are fleeing that state. I left last year best thing i/we ever did

AM said...

I will disagree with you about the NRA as they haven't held the press conference yet. The conference may prove you right, but I hope not.

I'm a member. I don't pay my dues so someone can fight on my behalf. I pay my dues so some slick lobbyist who knows how to lobby can lobby on my behalf. And right now the little bastards had better by lobbying like mad on my behalf.

Cheesy said...

When the NRA indicated their willingness to compromise on unconstitutional gun restrictions, I let my membership lapse, and sent their repeated membership requests back to them in the postage paid envelope until they finally got the hint.
The organization has become just another worthless body of lawyers and politicians that want to keep the gravy train rolling, nothing more. Fuck the NRA.

Neil A Russell said...

I quit wasting my time and money on paper patriots like the NRA back in the 80s.
Seemed like every time an issue blew up here would come the letters demanding money to fight the latest "end of freedom" and to help support "conservatives" like Bob Dole and Orrin Hatch.

Then Ted Kennedy would pipe up with some other stupid issue and here would come the letters again from the NRA, the Republican Senatorial Committee, Young Americans for Freedom, Citizens for the Republic, and on and on.

I realized my money would be better spent on my own stuff and not worrying about crap that I couldn't do anything about.

As for the NRA, those morons actually endorsed the lefty democrat congressman we have here because of some flowery speech he made about guns. They completely neglected his record of 90% support for Obama and his policies.

Nice going.

crankyjohn said...

Make it ten.

Anonymous said...

I take my Oath to be binding. I did not win many battles and I did not get lots of promotions but I can look myself in the mirror and not cut my throat. I was discharged with a General Discharge (under Honerable Conditions) after 19 years and a tour in Iraq. Sort of proud of the reasons, which shall remain unspoken. Point being, some of us took our Oath seriously.



Cavedogg said...

Took my oath very seriously. Wirecutter you know where I work and I do my damn job for the forces on the ground because the deserve any and all support I can give them. As to the NRA FUCK THEM!!!! worthless. Oathkeepers dude I couldn't agree more I looked into them when I first heard of them but did not like what I saw. Nope.

I will finish my Molon Labe tat in a couple more weeks I got my center piece for it and the verbiage. When done as promised I will send you a pic. Its on my right forarm where it can be seen.

Peace Wirecutter.