Sunday, December 23, 2012

Thermal imaging vs night vision


Dan said...

He told us he was using an
AN PV14 NV unit. Too bad he didn't
identify what make/model FLIR was used.

Mike Miles said...

Someone mentioned somewhere that a space blanket would reduce the vision of some of these devices. Any intel on that?

WiscoDave said...

@ Mike Miles, this help?:

whitestone said...

I work on these things for the military and get to play with them all the time. We're using 4 different iterations of the AN/PAS-13 thermal sights. They're sensitive to less than a 1/10th degree temp difference... you can see a handprint on a wall with them or tell if she's really happy to see you. Problem is that they eat batteries to the tune of 6 lithium AA every 8 hours. Now that's ok as long as your rich uncle is paying for them but it gets pretty expensive otherwise. Glass windows are like mirrors to them so forget about spying on your neighbor. The space blanket thing works, but not as well as you'd think... heat creeps out from the edges so you can see a bit of an outline. For my money, I'd stick with the PVS-14.

m_reichert58 said...

It sucks that you can't hide from the heat vision. There has to be a way to hide from it?
Papa Mike