Saturday, January 26, 2013

Assault Weapon Watch

It has been
8 years, 4 months, 11 days, or
436 weeks (rounded down), or
3055 days, or
73,320 hours, or
4,399,200 minutes, or
263,952,000 seconds
since Assault Weapon Watch was started on September 13, 2004.
During all that time, not one of the assault weapons being watched "went off" all by itself, or "spewed" hundreds (actually, any) of bullets that cut down innocent people, and, most disappointingly, not one of them has been found in the street where it needed to be gotten off of.
How is it possible that Assault Weapon Watch managed to select three (3) dud assault weapons to watch?

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Anonymous said...

Must be one of those viruses Alex Jones is always shooting his mouth off over. About three hundred million people evidently are infected with it. They've been sitting on their thumb's for year's now gazing at 535 1/2 Dud's. Oscar O.