Saturday, January 26, 2013

Still want to laugh at the little 22LR?



drjim said...

A 22LR in your pocket is better than a 45ACP at home in your safe!

DEvil Tongue said...

Damn Wirecutter, it feels like you give me a school'in on a regular basis these days. I had NO idea a 22 short or LR had that kind of punch at those distances, how careless of me (in the past). Glad to know this, thanks for the heads up, to everyone.

Sdv1949 said...

Good to see somebody else doing this. We've been shooting rifles at a measured 438 yards in a local sandpit. It takes a lot of adjustment, but isn't all that hard to hit a 12" square steel plate.

FYI, Federal bulk pack shoots about a six foot "pattern" at this distance, CCI Stingers about half that, and Eley match (which takes more drop adjustment due to lower velocity) about half that again.

HTH, John Bernard Books

Glenn B said...

Shit, don't show that to the aresehat politicians because the next thing you know the possession of the .22LR round will be criminalized.

Bustednuckles said...

Very impressive and informational. It also gives one pause to remember why it is so important to know what is behind what you are shooting at.
450 yards is a quarter of a mile and there is still plenty sufficient energy for that.22 to go clean through a 1/2 inch pine board!

Anonymous said...

I have a quiet little thing that will work very well when it comes time to hunt weasels. .22 is not a joke, least not when it turns lights out.

wirecutter said...

Hey, you don't think a 22 ain't lethal, go ask any jacklighter.
I bet there's been more deer killed by poachers using a 22 than Grandpa's trusty 30-30.

Dan said...

It's nice to see people demonstrating what rounds CAN do rather than just talk about it.

And while it's possible to be killed by a .22 round even at such
distances one must never forget that the purpose of defensive gun fire is not to kill...not to inflict a mortal wound. The purpose of defensive gun fire is to make the person targeted cease doing whatever it is they are doing that causes them to pose a threat to you.

Shooting a person with a .22 might cause that person to die....3 days later, but in the interim after you shoot them they may take the gun from your hands, beat you to death with it then stuff it up your ass.

So the moral of the story is be careful with ANY firearm as ALL of them have the potential to kill. BUT....the wisdom of using the biggest round you can whenever possible remains the proper methodology.

Anonymous said...

"What happened to Johnson?" -srgnt

"I don't know Sarge, he just fell down" -prvt

"Sarge? Sarge? You OK" -Prvt

"Gurgle" -srgnt

Jason said...

I use .22LR and .22 shorts for all my rabbit and small game kills. They are quiet and cheap as hell (for now).

Except for the birds, that is. For them I use .177

My aim has very much improved over the last year.

Wrench said...

I saw this video and others by him last summer when looking at buying a 10-22. Bought the carbine in December & bought two black dog 25 rnd clips in early Jan before the Shtf. These guys tell it like it is... kinda like Wirecutter. Getting ready to add a scope to it. What would you guys suggest?

Anonymous said...

If you want to really learn to shoot it well at distance and in the wind, get a fixed power mil/mil scope and shoot every day.