Monday, January 07, 2013

At a church in Detroit.....

At the end of his fiery sermon the pastor asks the congregation "Is there anybody out there there that has any need special needs that we can pray over?"
Tyrone walks up to the altar with some hesitation and tells the Good Reverend that he could use some prayer about his hearing.
"Your hearing? You need prayer for your hearing?"
Tyrone nods. The pastor seizes Tyrone by the shoulders, sticks his finger in Tyrone's ears and commences to pray, asking God to heal Tyrone, calling down all the Angels above to help. The Pastor is shaking and trembling, he's so overcome with the Spirit.

Finally, he's done praying for God's divine mercy. Exhausted and perspiring heavily, he asks "Son, how's your hearing now?"
"I don't know" says Tyrone, "It ain't til next week."


hiswiserangel said...

Bwah-ha-ha-ha! Good to know Irish is alive and well... ;-)

Brian said...


here's one link to write congress and tell those shitbags what you think.

I published the link at my site, maybe you'll wanna do the same.


drjim said...


Trinity said...

May I suggest an appropriate caption for your wolverine picture...

Mr. Wolverine responds to the Obama gun confiscation..."MOLON LABE!"