Friday, January 25, 2013

The Mother Lode in June

That's Highway 49 winding down the gulch with Bagby on the Merced in the background.
I've spent a lot of time tramping through those hills there prospecting and occasionally mining gold. More prospecting than mining, that's for sure.


Neil A Russell said...

Beautiful place.
Considering how much I love hills and gold hunting, I managed to pick the one place in the US that has neither!
Looks like a good summer ahead for you!

Brian In Florida said...

When I was stationed at Beale AFB, we used to go gold panning. Always got color, but nothing to write home about. It sure was fun. Here in FL there are other things to do, and a lot of them, but I miss the mountains and the back breaking hike to go in to Pan.

Cheesy said...

Views like that and clear running trout streams are what I miss about CA.
I try to make it back there as often as I can.