Saturday, February 02, 2013

A flag that once held so many promises

Yesterday morning I stepped off my porch and headed to my truck in the predawn darkness. As I reached the bottom step, a gentle breeze blew my American flag across my face, giving it a gentle caress. I didn't brush it away, I hesitated, enjoying the moment.
I love that flag for what it represented in the past. It used to represent the greatest Nation on earth, equal opportunities, Freedom, Liberty and Justice for all. It used to represent the American Dream where anybody had a chance for success if they were willing to work for it. It used to represent a Nation of individualism. It used to represent family values and personal responsibility, integrity and determination.

Not any longer. Now it represents a Nation of self serving politicians who wish to strip us of our Civil Rights. It represents the Me, Right Now people, sheeple that depend on mine and your work and labor for their life of leisure. It represents those who wish to take our personal Freedoms. It represents sexual deviants and their 'rights' to corrupt our children in school. It represents police forces that shoots our citizens and dogs to protect their own safety while they trample our Rights. It represents a government that seeks total and complete control over their subjects. It represents a government of traitors and scoundrels.

They only reason I fly that flag today is for the memory of those that fought and those who died in a vain attempt to preserve the principles that made this Nation great.

I'll continue to fly my flag out of respect for those who bought and paid for it with their American blood, but I'll be damned if I'll be buried under it. When my day comes, my simple pine casket will be covered in my III flag, a flag that I believe in, a symbol of a movement that wants to return my Nation and birthright to the glory it once was. That flag desires a return to every single principle that this Nation was founded on. That flag represents Patriots such as  Patrick Henry, Nathan Hale, Crispus Attucks, Thomas Paine, Ethan Allen and John Parker. My name is not worthy to be mentioned in the same breath as theirs but their actions will accompany me with that flag to my grave. I'll take comfort in that fact.
God Bless the Patriots of Old that are in our hearts today. God, grant me their determination and bravery.


Anonymous said...

That's pretty much the point I'm at as well. The symbol has been stolen to mean the opposite of what it originally meant. I want to salute the flag and all that for what it used to mean, but as the abuses pile up, I'm having a harder and harder time doing so, because of what it has come to represent.

I wonder, at what point did colonists in America start viewing the British flag in the same way? It had to have happened way before 1776.


John Henry said...

A moving piece.

To quote on of Americas leading lechers "I feel your pain".

However ... Patrick Henry, Nathan Hale, Crispus Attucks, Thomas Paine, Ethan Allen and John Parker are men who no longer exist. Their like is no longer being produced. We have carpet baggers leading us now and that won't change because the people of America have changed. We are nearly outnumbered by those who live in America but have no use for the values you and I share.

I want to believe there are enough of us left to turn back the clock, but I fear it is already too late. All that may be left to do is go out with a bang when the sparks start to fly. That won't be too long away I fear.

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way beginning at first term of the great purge..

- Rumson

crankyjohn said...

I feel the same. The democrats have changed the meaning of patriotism. The world is upside down. The pussy republicans did not help either.

Oswald Bastable said...

My sons are named after those men. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

The flag means the same as she always has....thirteen stripes for the original 13 states, stars equal to the number of states, red stripes for the blood shed by patriots, etc.

What has changed is the country she flies over....Over 10 million illegal immigrants with a government hell bent on making them permanent; that same government determined to disarm its citizens so they can not defend themselves, 47 million people on food stamps, 23 million not even in the workforce anymore, a President that ignores the laws and founding principles of the nation.

Unless those who hold the Constitution dear and live by the principles enshrined therein are willing to fight to the death with every available weapon, I fear that country will no longer be the land of freedom but will regress to a totalitarian state which will execute at least 25 million of its own citizens.

Michael in Nelson

WiscoDave said...

Agree, John Henry. We were blessed with special men at a special time.
The halyard on my flagpole broke back in late November - maybe a sign? I haven't fixed it yet; doesn't feel the same.

cato said...

Well said !

I feel the same way,
however my simple pine box will be draped with the Stars and Stripes only to honor those who have and will continue to fight for the principles this nation was founded.

White: Signifies purity and innocence
Red: Signifies valor and bravery
Blue: Signifies Vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

Praise God there are yet warriors who subscribe to and adhere to the principles this once great nation was founded upon. Maty they be ever vigilant.

Anonymous said...

John Parker was a very sick man on the morning of April 19, 1775 and died of consumption, what we now call tuberculosis, before the end of the year, with the issue still in grave doubt, and Independence not yet proclaimed. We may all be John Parker before this is over, if indeed it ever is.

Therein lie the rub.


SUERTE said...

Well said my friend.
The shooting range here was packed yesterday with 30 or 40 people waiting in line at THE DOOR, to get in, maybe we have a chance yet.

Wrench said...

If our nation sucumbs to the Alinsky model and our Constitution nulified by self-serving politicians and elitists, will the next generations of young Americans be told of a Great Nation that once revered God in its fabric, held promise to millions who, by hard work, could succeed, be told of a constitution by memory. Native American Indians do this now, in allegory, telling the story of thier once great nation and heitage to thier young.
As I helped bury my Brother in law today, who was in my graduating high school class in 1972, I have been reflecting on our conversations over our past years. We often wondered how the political landscape shifted way to the left and how stupid and gullible the American people are. We would watch O'Reilly and both get rilled and give our arm chair comments. I will miss him and our chats. Life is short. I am constanlty kicking myself in the ass for not knowing learning more about our government when I was younger. But "life" chews up a lot if time. And I wated a lot of time. I am playing catch up now so that if we lose the Constitution in my lifetime, I will be able to tell my grandson of our once great nation.