Friday, February 01, 2013

Coming to your city soon

KRQE in Albuquerque, New Mexico, reports that the Department of Homeland Security – the federal agency initially established to protect the United States from terrorists and respond to natural disasters – has used its ICE division to bust a gun collector.
Federal Homeland Security Investigation agents raided the home of Robert Adams on Thursday and seized 548 handguns and 317 rifles from the collector. They also raided his business and took an additional 599 handguns.
KRQE reports that Adams did not violate any laws and was not charged with any crimes. It said the DHS, however, is not finished with Adams and he may be charged with gun smuggling, tax evasion and violating importation laws.


peaowed said...

What the fuck is a "properly marked" firearm?

pdwalker said...

So it continues, the example made of one gun owner at a time.

1911A1 said...


My first best guess is that he had a lot of antique weapons. Prior to 1898, there was no requirement that a firearm have a serial number, and in many cases it didn't become truly universal until GCA '68. Case in point: I saw a Daisy .22 rifle (Yes, Daisy made real guns for a while) that was built in the early 60's with no serial number anywhere-I looked REALLY thoroughly.

Did you see the part about "increasing the value"? Had he defaced the weapons to identify them he would have ruined the collector value. Even though the Gestapo are making a big deal out of it, he violated no law in not marking them.

If he has broken the law in any other area remains to be seen, but this bullshit will most certainly be dismissed.

Stinkwilly said...

All the more reason to start hiding your weapons elsewhere, or boobytrapping the fuck out of them.

RichardR said...

@ Peaowed, don't get your hopes up that "this bullshit will most certainly be dismissed". These cocksuckers make shit up as they go.