Sunday, February 10, 2013

John Jay speaks, I listen.

Grog sent me a link via a comment from John Jay:

the person who attacks has all the advantage in the world over the person who defends.   if we sit idly by and wait for the swat teams to attack us with force in our individual homes when and if gun control and confiscation is ordered, then the forces of the government will prevail.  over time, they will prevail.
if, on the other hand, if and when gun confiscation is ordered or "imposed" by law, we simply attack, whether in coordinated groups or as lone individuals, we will put obama's henchmen and such police who try to enforce such brutally illegal legislation to the rout.  we will sow fear and terror in the government forces who try to impose tyranny upon us.
This was near the end of the post - go HERE for the entire thing. 

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John Henry said...

Based on what John Jay says, If the private sector goes to war with the incompetent public sector, who are you going to put your money on?

The public sector cannot even deal with one rogue cop who is shooting them guerilla style.

Imagine what the militias will be able to do .... strike and run ... strike and run.

Should be great entertainment ....