Sunday, February 10, 2013

Keep your nose clean

So you've seen the signs for years now and have reacted accordingly. you've stockpiled essential items such as food, appropriate firearms for your personal situation, ammunition, and precious metals. You're prepared, at least in your own mind, for whatever may happen.
Then you go and do something stupid and all your preps were for nothing. You get arrested, your firearms and ammo are confiscated when they search your house while you're in jail, your precious metals 'disappear' and God knows what happened to all your food stores - probably donated to a food kitchen somewhere to feed the welfare rats.
Do what you gotta do but don't lose everything you've worked for because you've done something stupid and got busted for it.

Consider this - the more visible you make yourself, the more you're being scrutinized. Me, for example: I've got this blog and I advocate prepping, I criticize the government and I publicize my opinions but that's all they are - my opinions. I also know .gov reads this site every day. They don't make any secret of it, hell, they even read my posts from a .gov domain according to my sitemeter.
Do you think I've got anything, anything at all here at the house or on my property that's illegal or can send me to jail? Do you think I'm stupid enough to be involved in any criminal activities? Hell, I don't even drink alcohol.
When the time comes to actively and physically resist this regime I need to be free to participate, not sitting in a jail cell somewhere.

Believe it or not, I lead just a normal a life as my liberal neighbors next door. I get up in the morning, go to work and come home dog tired in the evening. On the weekends, I run errands, visit with family and friends and occasionally do chores around the house when Lisa pushes me to do it. I'm so damned domesticated we even had folks over for dinner last night.
The only differences between me and the neighbors next door is that I may own a few more firearms and ammo and I actively trash talk the government and that's not illegal yet. I'm not dealing drugs, I don't have a shop in my garage building bombs, and I'm not plotting any assassinations or insurrections.
All I'm doing is following Captain Parker's orders - "Stand your ground. Don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here."


Wraith said...

You and me both. My main concern is that, if they decide to come after you really think that the fact that we're not doing anything illegal, will save us?

They'll storm in, haul us off, and then pull out a whole mess of meth, kiddie porn, machine guns and other stuff that they'll claim was "found at the scene." And whose version of events are the lapdog media going to print?

Remember, "fair play" has long been off the table as far as our opponents are concerned.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think that you're not doing anything illegal matters to those with whom you disagree?
Food for thought.


hiswiserangel said...

I don't even yell at my kids in public. I fly as far under the radar as one can being a FOK.

wirecutter said...

Wraith and Armedlaughing - you're both right about that but I was referring to doing stupid shit like robbery or getting pissed off at your neighbors and getting in a physical fight with them, something along those lines, you know, violating a state law and giving them a lawful reason to arrest you.
If they raid my house and I know I've done nothing to deserve it, then they've fired the first shot and my war has started.

Anonymous said...

They're not gonna come after you for blowing off a little steam once in a while Ken. Or for posting pictures of your A-K or Mini-14. What they're looking for is fools making out right threats. If your shit`s been acting funky , its probably some punk-ass hackers fuckin with you. Probably the goat fuckin Muzzies yer allways tweakin. Your getting to wrapped up in this shit dude , take a break , take the better half out to dinner at some swanky joint and live it up a couple days.Maybe obama will have a fit of conscience , hand in his resignation and go home to Kenya or wherever the hell he`s from. Oscar O.

wirecutter said...

Oscar, I'm not changing my lifestyle one bit, I'm just being a little more careful.
It doesn't make any difference who's doing it, it's being done.
Gotten several folks (9, I think) call and let me know the same thing's going on with them.
No big deal when you know it's happening, it IS a big deal if it's happening and you don't know it.

the botnet said...

Wirecutter: I wish you the best. It is my understanding the one-party rulers in LOTB-CA intend to pass some rather unpalatable and ill-advised gun laws which will make a shitload of people into insta-criminals. I'd find it difficult to abide, and believe the CA gummint might end up looking for the likes of you at some point... because that's the kind of fascist pricks who run your state.
Your best move might be to GTFO to someplace that isn't doing its level best to emulate fucking Zimbabwe.
Best regards from WI.

Anonymous said...

How is it workin for the dude they hauled to prison after supposedly his never to be seen video prompted Benzazie. I believe his ass is still in jail. And the assholes who didn't protect the inocent are at a white house dinner as we speak.
Stay alert.