Saturday, February 23, 2013

The VA letters

I've gotten a ton of emails about VA sending letters to Vets saying they've determined that the Vets can't manage their own money and aren't allowed to own firearms.
Okay, this has been posted all over the Right Wing internet and I'm not going to repost it here. That redundancy thing, ya know?
I will however comment on it and I'm going to keep it short and sweet.

No, I'm not getting one of those letters. I am not a Vet, I was in the peacetime army and I came out with absolutely no more problems than I went in with. I have not registered with VA - I'm not going to clog up the system even more trying to get something I don't want or need. They don't even know who I am.

The VA has always been a tangled mess of bureaucracy . Why? Because they're a government agency. 'nuff said. But, somewhere down the line they've forgotten that there is a thing called due process and while they've forgotten that, somewhere along the line they've picked up the idea that they are a god.

But the final line in the whole mess, especially concerning the part about owning firearms (and this doesn't just apply to the Vets) is that you can only be controlled if you allow yourself to be controlled. Period Dot Period.


Chaplain Tim said...

I checked this one out. The letters are sent out to vets who have a conservator (usually another vet) appointed them to oversee their finances because they can't take care it themselves. This is not a general rights denial. I'll try it find the link when I get back it a real computer.

Chaplain Tim said...

Anonymous said...

Peacetime or war time, you served and you sir are a Vet.

Your Peacetime service was important to the country.

As we are near the same age, your service would have been during the cold war as was some of mine also.

You did without being drafted what so many didn't have the balls to do, you took the oath, trained, and prepared for war.

Because war did not happen during your term of service does not diminish your love of country nor your commitment to it.

I sir am grateful to the many such as yourself, and I thank you for your service.

A guardian not called to act is still a guardian.

Jason said...

It's ok to give 'em a gun when there is a battle going on overseas, but not when there is danger at home?

Fucking narrow minded government assholes.

TurtleBurt said...

Bob Owens addressed this issue yesterday. Worth a read at least.

wirecutter said...

Shit Piler - You keep calling me Sir and we're gonna have a problem.

I do understand what you're saying but understand that I grew up in a military household during the Vietnam war.
There were Vets and there were soldiers. Vets were the ones that went to Vietnam, soldiers were the ones that didn't. I still keep that distinction for those that have seen the elephant.
I have no problem with referring to another Cold Warrior as a Vet, just not myself.

m_reichert58 said...

How bad is it that they don't know who hell you are? Some excuse that records were lost in a fire.
Even though I was discharged under a "less than desirable" condition because I mangled a senior officer. I still served my brother in arms well. Records lost in a fire????? give me a break. I'm 67 and I can't get vet bennies. They never heard of me???? At least they can't fuck with my records in owning a gun.
Papa Mike

wirecutter said...

Naw, they don't know who I am because I've never registered for anything from them. Hell, I don't even know where the VA office is here. Don't wanna know, either. Got no business there, ya know?

Anonymous said...


Sorry, the sir thing is habit.

I have an aversion to sir also as I was a NCO, point noted.