Monday, March 25, 2013

Name! That! Hood!

These are pictures taken in Jerusalem by KC on a recent trip there and she's invited us to play Name! That! Hood!
The object of the game is to guess which one is the palestinian 'hood and which one is the Jewish 'hood. No prizes given because a 1st grader can win.

Are you ready?
Name! That! Hood!

And I think it's pretty damned obvious as to which is which. The palestinian 'hood is a 14th century slum whereas the Jewish 'hood is well kept, clean, and advanced.
Thank you for playing.


wandering neurons said...

I spent two weeks with family in Israel about 10 years ago, and agree with the sentiment. Yup, the Palis love their slums.
Unfortunately, a lot of the Jewish 'hood is new construction following all of the wars and conflicts, particularly in Old Jerusalem. But yes, much cleaner than the Pali "developments".

KC said...

Palestian's are rude, smell, filthy, little whiny bitches!

wirecutter said...

That explains why my buddy Greg is so dark skinned then, 'cause he's the main Whiney Li'l Bitch.