Saturday, March 23, 2013

YES!!! Another PETAphile, this one from Australia!!!

Got this comment on this post HERE. I was beginning to wonder what happened to the PETAphiles.

Anonymous karma said...
you are a cunt's no wonder you won't post anonymous comments ..grow some balls mate ..I hope someone shoots you in your fucked up country
March 23, 2013 at 7:06 PM

Blogger wirecutter said...
Blow it out your ass, Karma. It's bad enough we have to put up with whining motherfuckers in our own country, we don't need any shit from you and your kind. Stay there and suck on mama's titty.
March 23, 2013 at 7:23 PM

I probably should've reminded him that at least we have the opportunity to shoot back, after all we're not the ones that allowed ourselves to be disarmed.


hiswiserangel said...

Well it's no wonder you haven't heard from them. When was the last time you posted any coyote pics? Hunting pics? Matter of fact, when was the last time you got to go hunting?
They're leaving you alone because they think they've won. Please, don't give them a reason to think that. wc, you must post more coyotes!!!

Firehand said...

The most upset/hate mail I ever got was from a post on Elsa the lion, her offspring and some of them developing bad table manners.

That really pissed off the Usual Suspects animal-rights types.

Oswald Bastable said...

Probably from the Peoples Republic of Melbourne.

Anonymous said...

Hey , Karma zipperhead , what you had WOG sausage for lunch or something ?. Careful not to criticize the climate change boondoggle , hear they lock ' deniers up for that down under . ( down under what , the queen`s knicker`s ? ). Go stick your head in a bucket of shit fucktard . And don`t worry about what`s going on over here , you dingle ball on a Roo`s nut sack . WE are about to put a NEW generation of royal`s head`s on a pike . Oscar O . " Have a good day ! ".

Leavon said...

Here Here.

Skip said...

All the Ozzies I've met are cool folks,'course they were mostly .mil.
They do have a shitload of pussies too.
And like ours, their govt are the biggest pussies.

Illuminos said...

I love animals even more than humanity (any wonder why?), but I know that venison is clean meat and wolves are dangerous predators.

The eunuchs of the world will ALWAYS cling to their feminist views because it's the only way for them to get laid.

Women love men. Wymyn love controversy!

KG said...

Oswald's right--Melbourne makes Seattle look like a right-wing enclave.
The place is a shit-hole.

Spiro said...

Who ever they are they are plenty of them here, always trying to ban guns any anything American. The closest we got to a republic was the Eureka stockade, but even then they were to pussy to keep fighting and yes we did let our fucked socialist governments disarm us, but not entirely. The criminals still run free shooting each other and the greenies blame it on law abiding citizens who have legal handguns. They are times when I hate this country. Now they are trying to get rid of our right to freedom of speech.
Spiro, Proud wog who likes hundguns and hunting, and free speech.

Ogrrre said...

"When was the last time you posted any coyote pics? Hunting pics?"
An easy way to piss off both the PETAphiles and the Islamists at the same time: post a photo of a hog you shot with a Koran in its mouth. Some of the Rotties did it and hoped they would get their own fatwa, but the goat-stickers seem to not want to mess with someone who will shoot back ... or first, sometimes.

wirecutter said...

Yeah, I've got several Australian readers and every one that's bothered to comment or make themselves known are cooler than shit.
I had no idea that they had such a leftist problem there. The gun confiscation thing and muslim problem should've tipped me off. Oh well, I ain't real bright, ya know.

m_reichert58 said...

Karma reminds me of those wild dogs they have there "Dingos" I wonder if he'd like to get ass chewed on from a pack of them.
They have hunts there like we do for Yutes here.
Papa Mike

Sarhturk said...

Karma? That's funny. It's been awhile, but a friend of mine has participated in spotlight Roo hunts which are/were legal. Apparently they taste pretty good too! Might need some salt.