Saturday, April 06, 2013

My fishing preps and top picks

Concerning my fishing/survival preps, a reader emailed and asked what was in my fishing gear preps.
Everything. I'm a fisherman. I have more fucking fishing gear than I have hunting gear. I have trout gear, bass gear and I have catfishing gear. I have 3 trout rod and reels, 6 or seven bass outfits and a medium/heavy catfishing outfit. I have a tacklebox dedicated to topwater lures, one for crankbaits, one for spinners, one for plastics and jigs and that's just my bass gear. I also have a box for trout gear as well as one for baitfishing.
I also have a couple of flyrods - one for streams and one for lakes. I have 3 fly boxes, one for dry flies, one for nymphs and another for streamers.

If I had to pick 3 flies that I absolutely knew I could catch trout on, it would be #8 black or olive woolybuggers, #12 elk hair caddis and #12 San Juan worms.

Three lures would be silver Kastmasters, yellow Roostertails, and brown Mepps for bass and trout.

Three plastics? I'd pick electric blue 6" worms, brown or motor oil lizards, and crawdads for bass.

As far as live bait goes, it's worms, hands down. All fish eat worms.

Obviously, your choices may be different depending on your area, but these are the ones that I'd pick for my area.

If you're not a fisherman I would suggest going to a bait shop, talk to the owner and explain what you're doing and ask his advice on the matter.


KG said...

It might be worth mentioning that there are a number of plants which, when crushed and dropped into slow-moving streams cause fish to float to the surface, where than can be collected.
Native cultures all over the world use the technique and googling "fishing with plants" will give lots of info on the subject.
Mostly illegal, but what the hell--if TSHTF who's going to care?

Cheesy said...

Elk Hair Caddis are dynamite for pan fish too.