Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Evolution of the Submachine Gun: Three Distinct Generations

 Submachine guns have gone through a distinct evolution over the past one hundred years. Today we will look at these changes, specifically identifying:

- 1st Generation guns from World War One and through the 1930s - 2nd Generation guns of World War Two - 2nd Generation guns after World War Two - 2nd Generation guns adapter to modern polymer manufacturing - 3rd Generations guns in the form of rifle actions scaled down to pistol calibers

VIDEO HERE (18.5 minutes)


  1. Great vid.. I love the lines of the Sten and Grease Gun. They started to get ugly looking after ww2, Gen 2B.

  2. I always learn something from that guy. I really appreciate you posting these.

  3. The muzzle loading SMGs were terrible. Sometimes you'd still have the ramrod in when the thing fired. Anything has to be an improvement.
    Okay, smart ass aside, I still love the look of the old grease gun. Tough, reliable and cheap. A box of ammo cost more than the gun did. And those chunkers it sent down range, guaranteed to stop anything human and most things subhuman.


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