Friday, October 16, 2020

Friday girl fail gifdump












  1. #6.. Damn, did you see her face bounce off the asphalt?

  2. # 6
    A downhill grade, man, will give you a kick
    But if the sidewalk's cracked, you better pull out quick

    Jan & Dean

  3. Replies
    1. She shoulda gone back after that POS negroe, he did that on purpose. She should have tripped him and shoved his pea brain head into that horn.

  4. 4 and 6, fucking ouch!!! That shit just gives me that aww fuck feeling. Know what I mean?


  5. Throw some paper napkins on an alcohol fire !!!!!!

  6. #3 Best way to teach Tuba man some manners is to walk up while he is playing and slug his tuba mouth piece hard. This makes for a nice circle broke out of his teeth he'll be able to use for bj's when he eventually lands in prison. I didn't see any reason for his behavior, f#ck him and all black guys who hit women.

  7. I've seen choreographed maneuvers like that as part of the show with some big college bands, occasionally just the low brass (big bells, very visible). When they hit a certain cue or section of the piece, everybody starts turning one way, then the other. She moved in from above & behind the bell, too close at the wrong moment. He was probably looking the other way at the drum major for the cue. Camera angle too tight to tell if everyone else did the same move at the same time. If not, then it WAS deliberate. Assault with a deadly tuba?

  8. #1 Spank me!

    #2 Pure genius...

    #3 From Mar 19, 2016. I don't think the sousaphone player had much choice here. Marching band is just short of military basic training - except you get to go home at night, you can quit anytime, and they're not allowed to hit you.

    That said, the students in the marching band are taught to believe that if anyone gets in your way, run them over. Anyone. This girl was in a place she had no business being, she was screwing around taking a selfie instead of paying attention,
    and as a result she got clocked by a sousaphone. She isn't the first. If you want to blame someone, blame the girl for screwing around on a crowded highway, and blame the director for teaching his students that it's fine to run people over - or smack them with a sousaphone.

    #4 Ouch.

    #5 Right. Flaming drinks, no one is sober, and there is never a fire extinguisher nearby when you need one. What could possibly go wrong?

    #6 Oh, man... road rash. Road rash. Asphalt never forgets.

    #7 ?

    #8 A standard Split Kune Doh move. Well done!

    #9 I think she's fooling around with a butterfly knife, then stabs herself in the hand. She's a genius. Trust me, I know these things.

    #10 Party animals! That's probably her father with the life ring. Right?


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