Monday, October 19, 2020

Meanwhile, in the shithole I used to live in.....

MODESTO, Calif. — Two people were killed and one person is in serious condition after a shooting Friday night in Modesto, according to police. 
The shooting happened on the 200 block of Semple Street shortly before 9 p.m., police said. 


The shooting happened in the 200 block of Semple Street, I used to live at 238 Kimble, one street over. Most of the houses there were built in the 1920s.
I've been talking with the girl that lived next door and Aliana said she was unloading groceries when she heard the shots. She also said that was the final straw, they're putting their house on the market and moving to Tennessee because she's not raising her girls in that environment.

When I first moved there in 1996, it was a nice neighborhood - quiet with a lot of older folks that would sit out on their front porch in the evening drinking tea and talking with other neighbors that were out for their evening walk. As time went by, those folks either died or sold their homes to go into retirement communities or whatever and younger folks moved in. Then they opened up an apartment complex on Johnson, 2 streets over, to Section 8 housing and shit really went downhill after that.


  1. Section 8? You mean Section Ape right?

  2. "...Section 8 housing..." That's what the Kenyan wanted to do to every decent neighborhood in America, and creepy uncle Joe was all in!

  3. Ya know, not to stereotype, but....
    Used to live in a quaint and quiet country town in upstate NY. Ya know, big 100 year old maple trees lined the streets, farmer festivals in the fall, firemans parade every year with carnival, and - old people used yo take walks and sit on their porch and talk to neighbors.
    Then the old people died, sold the houses to slumlords, and the Section 8 SOBs moved in.
    So did the burglaries, and heroin.
    So I moved to Tennessee, too!

  4. Neighborhood once lived in, about two blocks away was an apartment complex. Then started accepting Section 8, and within two months anything not nailed down, alarmed, or guarded WOULD be stolen. Got bloody awful.

    And they trashed the place(question I still don't understand, why crap up the place you live in?). Owners finally sold it, new owners announced 'Effective this date, no more Section 8.' Within a month of that date the problems damn near disappeared.

    There's another story involving a house, but Section 8 can destroy a neighborhood.

    1. "Section 8 can destroy a neighborhood."

      Feature, not bug.

  5. If you don't work to pay for it you won't give a shit. "nutshell"

  6. Just a guess, but that's what happens when second generation Okies get old and move out, and the third generation is all Californiated.

  7. I try to avoid living near any apartment complexes, or mobile home parks. Even if it isn't section 8 housing, for some reason they tend to draw a lot of crime. I think it has a lot to do with the large number of vehicles in a small area that can be broken into, or stolen. Something like what happens at malls during Christmas shopping season.

  8. It doesn't matter where you live, but how you got there.

  9. Kenny, I just saw in I believe Newport Ca. thousands upon thousands were along the street supporting Trump the other day.

  10. If you think it's cool now, just wait until Eric Garcetti is HUD Secretary. regards, Alemaster


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