Friday, November 06, 2020

Game-On for the Coup?

Strictly speaking, a coup is an illegitimate change of government by violent means. But what if you can do it without violence? To win without fighting is best, Sun Tzu says. An ostensibly (“mostly”) peaceful ouster from power is preferable to the use of force because it can much more easily be sold as “our democracy” at work. 

National polls consistently predicted a huge Biden blowout. That they were wrong (again) is demonstrated by the facts that (a) the 2020 popular vote is, so far (California is not fully counted), a mere two-point spread, hardly a blowout; (b) Trump got a higher share of the vote than last time; and (C) Trump received far more total votes than last time.


  1. On Oct 25th joe biden, at one of his poorly attended rally's: "We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics," Biden said in the video.

    The MSM, including Fox, brushed it off as another Biden gaffe.

    The stupid bastard was telling the truth for once in his life.


  2. I saw that too... admissible evidence and a clear admission of guilt. Treason.

  3. As blatant as it may look to you or me its subtle enough that there wont be much of a "take to the streets" outcry. It takes a lot to bring law abiding folks out and so far I don't see enough to get it going. We are probably going to accept failed legal challenges and just go back to work Monday or in the case of us old farts prepare for our winter Florida migration.

  4. Brandon Smith on Alt Market has a pretty good article on the shitshow. I can see it happening that way. They’re counting on us to stay on the couch. We will never have another Republican president if Trump backs down. They will pack the court, dissolve the Electoral, make DC and Puerto Rico a state and gun control x10. And thats just for starters. Prepping like its my fucking job right now folks.

  5. "We will never have another Republican president if Trump backs down."

    Enh, with a few exceptions, the GOP presidents have been useless at stopping the Left, anyway.

    Trump will fight. The party, however, will fold - they're already walking away from him.

  6. What the cheaters didn't know is, all the official ballots are watermarked. With a radioactive marking. Invisible to the eye. And Amy Barret the new Justice signed off on the watermark and gave it full approval. So, all the Nat. Guard or Fed lawyers have to do is gather all the ballots and any without the watermark don't count. Then begin rounding up all the traitors. Arrests are being made now.

  7. We can no longer rely on politics - much less party politics to right the wrongs in our nation. This system has failed miserably again and again, each time more spectacularly than the last. The question is what is the alternative? The alternative is to reboot our nation as a true democratic republic as was the original intention.

    Look to the 2A sanctuary movement in Virginia as a model. Yes the powers in Richmond ignored us but look deeper. We stood up. We made our wishes known. Now tell me... how can anyone reconcile that map with a Biden/Warner win in Virginia. The only way it can be done is to admit "democracy" overruled the democratic republic. This has been the goal since the constitution was changed to strip state legislatures of the right to elect Senators in 1913. Even so, I suspect massive voter fraud had to be invoked to accomplish even this latest horror. Can we really reclaim our nation? Yes, it can be done but I doubt if it will be done. Do not look to others. Look inside yourself.

  8. The plan was clear and obvious.

    Start accusing Trump of not being willing to leave the WH - so you can steal the election and say SEE - WE TOLD YOU.


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