Friday, November 06, 2020

Wait - they spent money on this study?

If you're worried about your kids' mental health, particularly because of the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing mandates, less screen time and more extracurricular activities will help, says a new study. 

Adolescents — especially girls — who spend more time in extracurricular activities and less than two hours of screen time after school have better mental health, according to a study from the University of British Columbia and published in the journal Preventive Medicine. 


  1. A while back I read that 7+ hours of screen time a day, esecially for young people - teen and pre-teen - actually physically damages the brain.

    1. Explains why so many management types are brain dead.

  2. Yeah, it doesn't seem like it would tax any brains to come up with this conclusion. Any adult over the age of 50, or even 40, would be able to tell you this, without spending a dime.
    The fact that they even felt the need to do such a study informs about the mental mindset of the academies of higher learning.



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