Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Fuck da rules, homie

OAKDALE (CBS13) — Packed parking lots and indoor seating. A Friday night dinner out looks very different depending on the county you live in. 

Some businesses face tens of thousands of dollars in fines while others are not cited at all. 

In Stanislaus County, the enforcement approach is focused on education. CBS13 noticed many restaurants with every single indoor table being used even though the stay-at-home order is still in effect. 


That's the county I moved out here from.


  1. My local bowling alley was hit with a $500 dollar fine for violating COVID mask mandates. Someone snapped a picture of someone bowling with their mask pulled down below their nose and sent it to the State. Who sent a Gruppenführer to the business with the ticket for the fine. No court date. No mercy for a business trying to stay afloat with only 25% capacity permitted.

    Karen turned them in.

    As an Executive Order, it just is. If you decline to pay and demand a hearing, they shut your business down immediately and it may be months before you get a judge to hear the case. Obviously they pay. Massachusetts if you need to ask.

    1. Hmmm... perhaps a list of Democrat supporting businesses and telephoto lens is in order...

  2. Even when we stop inviting karen to our bowling tournaments, she still finds a way in to referee from afar....

  3. I travelled to that county last week from the South. What surprised me was I could not eat inside at a restaurant in Sacramento, but I could in Stanislaus county, go figure.

  4. We're blessed here in Riverside county to have a sheriff with balls. Sheriff Bianco basically told Newslum to go fuck off with his "dictates". We're getting along just fine.


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